The NFL starts tonight! My Picks for week one!

The NFL starts it’s one hundredth season tonight as the Green Bay Packers head into Chicago to face the Bears.

Will the Packers Defense stop the Bears Offense, or not?

Many will be watching as the new season gets underway, there are millions upon millions of fans out here for sure and I am one, also.

So, each season I try to watch as much as my life and my wife will allow me to, lol. But, I follow the league and of course my favorite team, which I will not name for this blog, lol.

The purpose of this is a shot at predicting winners and losers in each game for fun! I do not condone nor recommend anyone using my picks for gambling purposes of any kind period, so all understand. What I do is, look at the games, try to figure out who will win based on what I see as the strengths and weaknesses of each team. I am not a pronogisator nor a predictor folks, just a sports fan is all.

First game is tonight, I see a strong Chicago team hosting a Green Bay Packer team that is partially rebuilding. Rodgers is a strong Quarterback and if his o-line holds up he can score points. The Bears have a Quarterback that is good and steady also who makes fewer turnovers every year he plays. Defensively the Bears have a more solid defense than the Packers. I say, Bears over Packers to open the season especially since they are in the Windy city. 21-14 Bears win

The Sunday games begin at 1 pm and are as follows:

Rams vs Panthers-, I see the Rams as the winner in this one based on defense and Goff their QB. Look for a 24 to 7 Rams victory.

Redskins vs. Eagles, I see the Eagle running over and around the Redskins, figure 30 to 10 maybe.

Bills vs Jets- I think and if i am wrong most would pick the Bills here, personally I like the Jets, why, their new running back will run through the Bills defense. Jets Win

Falcons vs Vikings- I believe the Vikings at home will be hard to beat at home and they will have a top 3 Defense awaiting the Falcons. Cousins will have a good opening day. Vikings win

Ravens vs Dolphins- in Miami, I see this as a real no contest here, The Ravens are always a defensive power and their offense is now built up more. Ravens by at least 10 for the win.

Chiefs vs Jaguars- In Jacksonville. Nick Foles will try to win, but the Chief’s defense will get to him. Meanwhile Mahomes will be playing a game of catch with his receivers. Chiefs win opener easily here!

Titans vs Browns, an interesting contest here, The Titans have injuries and are not a stable team right now. The Browns are up and coming and I think can make the playoffs. Browns by 10 is my choice.

The four o’clock games are as follows:

Colts vs. Chargers- The Luckless Colts will try vainly to show they can still put up points, but The Chargers defense will be too much for them. Rivers for two TDs and I say one running for Chargers. Chargers 21-3

Bengals vs Seahawks- You go into Seattle and try to beat the Seahawks and your the Bengals, you may as well just phone this one in. I don’t see the Bengals as a challege at all, Russel Wilson for 3 tds by air here, Seahawks 24 to 6 over Bengals

49ers vs. Tampa Bay- This one could be a toss up game, why, all depends on Winston and his play. The 49ers will have their starter back at QB and he will be ready. Defense may determine this game, I think 49ers are better by a bit. San Fran 14 to 10

Giants vs Cowboys- Giants and Eli will have one hard time in Dallas, the Giants Defense will have a harder time stopping Dallas’s rushing attack, Dallas 28-10 for the win.

Lions vs Cardinals- Murray will be ready, but will the Lions Defense get to him is the whole story here. Stafford is a great QB, and can produce against Cardinals defense. In a close one count the Lions the victor here, 14 -10 I think.

8pm Sunday night

Steelers vs Patriots- Say hello to Tom Brady in New England folks at 42 and still throwing, Brady will be in this contest. Roethlisberger is a damn good QB in himself and this could be a shootout. Who has the better defense will determine this one and I predict it will be a close one. I hate to say it but, Pittsburgh by a field goal to win.

Monday September 7th

Texans vs Saints- Look for the Saints to put on a show here. Brees is ready to rumble and wants back in the Super Bowl. The Texan’s Watson is not up to par health wise and not as good as Brees. Saints by 14 over Texans

Broncos vs. Raiders- Flaco will throw for yardage and score in this one, maybe two tds. As to the Raiders, Jon Gruden will be searching for a defense to stop opponents in my opinion. Broncos win, I believe 14 to 3.

So there you have my opening picks for the NFL Season, I do not want anyone to depend on my picks, I warn all, don’t use them to gamble please!

It will be an interesting season for sure this year, for the Favorites will always be New England, Kansas City, Dallas, Rams. Chargers, Bears, but time will tell what happens. enjoy I say, the NFl is always an adventure.

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