Climate changes, Solution?

Is there a solution to the climate change problems the world is having right now? Is there a way to make the world a less carbon based place for mankind to survive on? If so, isn’t it a fact that the more human beings on the planet the worst the situation becomes and that population control will have to be a part of the answer?

Mankind expels carbon dioxide, trees live off of it and they produce the oxygen we need to breath and stay alive on, that folks is a fact. My solution for climate change involves some no candidates for President will discuss, why because they are not thinking in the right direction.

First step is as all have said, ban all use of fossil fuels. Which means converting mankind to electric heat, electric furnaces and electric cars or another mode of transportation. In the past we have seen inventive ways of travel, from electric trains and scooters to bicycles in the past, mankind will have to use them to get anywhere if we wish to survive. What needs invented is anti gravity vehicles, that have no emissions at all. I know far fetched right but, mankind is inventive are we not, I have seen flying scooters in France and Europe on television, why not expand that into flying cars?

These are just starts of course and no one can seem to find a way to fund all of these conversions in such a small period of time. Money will be hard to come up with that is sure.

Some are saying use Nuclear Power, problem is the rods folks, mankind can’t get rid of them and they are deadly to humans and the planet itself. Where do you get rid of and destroy them? If you go Nuke Power folks, it must be a nuke power without rods left over and it must be powered by a fuel that can be used up. Is that possible, as Mr. Yang mentioned.

Paying for all the changes mankind will have to make to save the planet we live on will be vital to humanity’s survival. We have to find a way to clean our oceans worldwide, and our air too. The land masses will reduce and the battles for survival will increase and become vicious and intense. People will be fighting over land masses and property to live on and how to defend it for themselves and their future generations. Once the Oceans rise and the water encroaches on the land masses the land masses will reduce by large amounts not only in America but worldwide. So where do all the people go?

I have an idea and maybe I am just a fool or idiot or many will say I don’t know a damn thing but, first and most of all we must stop polluting the planet it’s oceans and air. Secondly we must make new oxygen by planting trees as many as humanly possible. Trees have a major impact not only on the amount of oxygen in our atmosphere but also on using up water and holding land masses together. Plant trees folks as many as you can that will last a long time and grow fast.

The atmosphere must be scrubbed clean of pollution, in order to do so fossil fuels must die, emissions from them must die and in the end it may still not be enough. So we must find a way to build plants or facilities that can scrub and clean ort air for use and recycle it, removing pollutants and adding oxygen and the right air mixtures mankind needs to breath.

I purpose facilities be built, that have a system of , major suction of the air, major filters to capture the pollutants in and then once cleaned the air may be discharged back into earth’s atmosphere for use by mankind. You can call it an air scrubber facility, but it must be built in such a way as we control what comes out of the discharge sides. Am I crazy, I think not.

Think of it this way. Each major continent on the planet needs to build these units and do so fast. Ok first question, where do you build them right? Simple shut down all the oil fields and rigs. Take down all the rigs and build over them, For every oil field in America and each oil producing country, have air cleaning facilities and mechanisms built. That way no more access to fossil fuels/ oil and stop all fracking period for we are stripping the planet of it’s minerals too fast, slow it down folks and change our ways or watch mankind die on a husk of a planet we call earth.

Am I panicking, not really, but the scientist and leaders of the world should be, by all estimates 11 years to a tragic ending for all mankind is a very short time. 11 years from now how old will your youngest child be or grandchild? Where will they live if the land masses are gone, what will they eat, what struggles will they be going through or are we as a human race condemning them to face their end and the end of the only planet known to support human life, for the next closest planet that may support human life is over 350 billion miles away in space, and that one is just a maybe, not a fact proven yet. And How will mankind reach a planet that far away in time?

So where do our future human beings go next, how do they survive and what will they do when the oceans rise, the land masses decrease and the food disappears and the air we breath becomes less breathable? You tell me humanity, tell me, what kind of a planet are we leaving our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren or will there be no more future generations, of mankind on earth?

We all want to leave a legacy for our future generations on a personal level we try to at least. As men and women we want to pass down traits, looks, skills and talents, generation to generation and then, we try to pass on material possessions also. we try to leave our children homes, property, or money, or things we treasure, but do we stop and think, are we leaving our children, grandchildren or great grandchildren a plant they can survive on? Will we the current generation of human beings on Earth, strip the earth of all resources and minerals and pollute and destroy the waters and air so badly that the future we leave, will be a dead planet, with no land masses or air to breath? What are we doing people, what are we, as humans doing, to the only place in our known universe that supports human life, we are killing it and ourselves, if we do not, turn it around now.

Greed kills, and ignorance makes all blind to the truth. face the Truth, make changes, act now and save the only planet we have.

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