Where or where can an accomplishment be, where oh where can one be for Trump, Tell Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is an old saying out there, it goes something like this: We all have regrets, and things we wish we never did, and end up having to live with!

Such should be the refrain and words of all of the Trump supporters and Loyalists who today still support him. As I go to places like hospitals and stores and more, I see people few they be though so far, wearing new Trump 2020 hats and I shake my head and walk away. I guess they don’t mind being the few, and isolated.

I have spoken to many Trump supporters over the last almost three years now and one who is a very good friend of mine. I always ask them the same thing, and I always get the same answer when I do. My Question I ask always is a simple thing, What has Donald J. Trump actually accomplished since being sworn in as President?

You know what I get for an answer and I find it funny,the economy, he made the economy better! My reply is bullshit, jobs are not coming back as he promised people, and on top of all of this, The Economy we currently have belongs to Barack H. Obama and was built and sustained by President Obama over his term.

Now tell me what else has the Great and Glorious Donald J. Trump accomplished besides the so called economy folks? Come on I am waiting………

Jobs nope. bringing back jobs, nope. climate change and improvements nope, Medical Insurance for all nope. Saving Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid nope, he wants them all destroyed. so where are his accomplishments as President please!.

Lets see he has screwed up relations with Britain, Germany, and all our allies. He has tariffed all of the above plus our enemies such as China and others raising prices for all americans for food and other goods. So, no accomplsiments here in these areas.

Where can we find any real accomplishments for Trump to claim as his, I know what Trump supporters will say, The Wall, he is building the wall. No, he is repairing and painting a fence and costing american taxpayers by doing so. He did not get Mexico to build a wall or pay for it. He failed. We the American Taxpayers are paying for his wall or fence whichever he wants to call it. Why Because he failed!. A little clue Trump Supporters, people will dig under, go over, go around by sea to enter America wall or no wall, they will come and get in, the wall/fence is worthless and only a way for Trump to distract from his losing, lying ways. Plus he has angered Mexico and Canada with tariffs on their goods they sell here too.


Where or where can an accomplishment be, where oh where can one be for Trump, Tell Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know what americans, what we should do, we should give Trump the same and his most famous line of his life, come November 3rd, 2020, You’re, Fired!!!!!!!!!!!!

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