Stand by America, for this is all about your future!

Today can be a pivottable day in The Trump Presidency and in The Trump Impeachment Inquiry.

Information will be forthcoming from The Speaker of the House and Rep. Schiff, The President himself will hold a press briefing, Pompeo admitted to being on the call to Ukraine with Trump, Giuliani is threatening to sue Congress. Now the real Question is what will the State department IG bring to the Committees for Impeachment currently in session and ongoing, what documents and statements will he show or say?

As this all builds and comes out slowly, I want to say something. I knew from day one Trump’s Presidency was a joke, when he sent Sean Spicer out and made a debate about his Inauguration Crowd was the biggest ever. It got worse when I saw Trump on TV in the Oval Office revealing information to Russians right on TV. In my opinion it just has gotten worse from there till now.

As to what is next we shall see today, what is next as it comes out.

I want to send my Best Wishes to Bernie Sanders and I hope his health gets better and he recovers very soon. Bernie Sanders may have to consider his health conditions before reengaging in the current 2020 Campaign for President. Consideration must be made as to what the stress and tension of the Presidency will do to Bernie Sander’s health also.

October 2nd, 2019, may turn out to be a very important day in United States History, we shall see as it breaks today. Stand by America, for this is all about your future!

Does Pompeo have to recuse, does Giuliani have a legal leg to stand on, What of Vice President Pence and what he knows about all in the Mueller Report and now the Ukraine matter? What of Chief of Staff Mulvaney and what role did he have in not controlling Trump. Who else will get dragged into this Impeachment Investigation and have to answer questions they may not wish to, next?

So many questions and so much uncertainty in American Government and how the country is being run, what is next?

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