Trump Tower awaits you Donald, Resign!

Welcome to October 1st, 2019 everyone. October here in New England starts the season of changes, the leaves change colors and fall, the air chills a bit, and people start to wear warmer clothing. This year changes are coming in many ways, from oil prices, to food prices, to clothing prices and living costs. Changes will be coming in other arenas also, more than likely, such as the financial markets and in world politics.

The world is shifting in climate change as icebergs melt, oceans begin to rise, land masses will decrease and the air will be a problem due to less trees, as oxygen slowly disappears at a very slow rate.

Climate change is real folks, and even if some don’t want to admit it and they wish to ho ha it all, it is very real. Want proof, look at the current maps on google and other sites, as the southern borders of America face incoming water levels and land masses decreasing and people looking for places to go to live. Sadly, President Trump doesn’t believe in climate change so America will probably be one of the first nations to be affected by it all and the last to respond, it’s sad.

That now told, let’s move on to the next big problem for America, it’s lack of leadership from Donald J. Trump, the corruption of American Politics, and the Breaching of America’s security and Donald Trump’s inability to handle the job of President and his sending envoys around the world looking for servers of Clinton’s emails, information on where the Mueller Probe began, and so much more. I submit to all, if President Trump is so innocent, why is he still searching for Hillary’s emails, why is he searching for who started the Mueller Investigation and why it started? Why does he attack innocents and blacks and colored people, of all nationalities? Why is Trump trying to isolate America from the World, if he is so great!

His promises from his 2016 campaign have never been fulfilled and never shall be. He promised the Steel Industry more jobs and a return to prominence, failed. He promised to bring jobs back from overseas, failed. He promised to help the Auto Industry and they are losing jobs and money and can’t sell cars because he raised tariffs on steel coming in and that raised car prices and americans are keeping the old ones. Look his promises never came thru and never will, it’s like his Build the Wall Promise, he is using paint and mirrors to fool some people, but you can repair the old fence all you want and paint it, but your not building any new ones. he fools his followers with this bullshit, but the educated and active political world people know a bullshitter when they see one.

As The Impeachment Inquiry continues and more news breaks each day, isn’t it sad, that it now has grown to include most of his cabinet? If Pompeo was on the call to Ukraine, then he knew what was being said and didn’t stop or control Trump in anyway. Makes him just as guilty and a enabler. How many other are complicit in all of this?How much does VP Pence know that is happening with Trump? How many other leaders has Trump reached out to trying to find answers to dead questions from the past? You Tell me America!

I do tire of the excuses Trump Supporters come up with for his behavior and I believe so does the American Media and American People. How many lies and bullshit stories should America stand for?

Here is a question for you all, why is Trump chasing Hillary Clinton’s emails still, almost three years after beating her? Vindictive little bastard tain’t he, an adult would let it go and move on, not Trump.

Why is he now chasing information and looking for Information on how the Mueller Probe or Investigation started, can’t he read the damn report himself and see it right in there? He has asked, now Ukraine for help and Australia and more than likely Russia too, if I am correct. Why? What is he out to prove that everyone doesn’t know anyway already, nothing! He is just being a vindictive man, who won’t let go of the past and move on is all. It’s over Donald stop being the spoiled little rich kid, daddy gave everything to and grow up and move on. The Poor little rich kid routine doesn’t fly anymore, especially when your supposed to be President.

Sadly, there are still Trump Supporters out there who are die-hard loyalist who will stay with him until he goes down in flames, in this Impeachment Inquiry. People lIke Jim Jordan, Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, and more who think Trump did nothing wrong, there is no reason to Impeach a President over the Ukraine call. They are wrong there is a whole lot wrong with it.

Abuse of Power is number one, High Crimes and Misdemeanors is two, Lying to The American Public is three, Breaching the Emolument Clause of the Constitution is Four, then if you reach deeper, let’s discuss his 10 Obstruction cases, that are still outstanding!

Look there is an old saying Power Corrupts, Ultimate Power, Ultimately Corrupts too, and when you reach the Presidency and it goes to your head and you think your untouchable, it shows in the crimes you commit, and it has in Trump’s case. Yet his blind loyalist will follow him and support him forever, like he said I can shoot a person on the street in New York City and they will still vote for me. He honestly believes he can do no wrong and he’s Mr. Perfect.

He can’t run from the facts, he can’t run from the law, and in the end he can’t hide either, it’s all coming out. If he has any brains left, and stops to think it over the evidence is building up fast, the public opinion is growing and is now at 55 percent approval for his impeachment and removal, he should wake up and smell the roses and prepare a Impeachment Legal Team and Prepare a Resignation Speech. The only way to avoid full Impeachment and possible jail time is resignation, just like Richard Nixon did.

Otherwise you are taking chances with getting Fully Impeached, Convicted By Congress and Jail Time, unless someone comes along and Pardons you.

I will say this Donald you sure know how to take people with you on that downward slope when you go, you have made Pence, Pompeo, and others complicit in all your crimes and actions. Mulvaney your Chief of Staff currently also. How many will go to jail for you Donald Trump you have already, under the Mueller Investigation had 37 people charged, and many convicted. How many more lives will you ruin, before you grow up and realize it’s time to stop and take the blame and admit you mistakes and end it all?

Resignation is the only way for you to go now Donald J. Trump, you should Resign, take your lumps go home and play real estate mogul once more and keep you head low. Trump Tower awaits you Donald, Resign!

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