America comes before Party, or Loyality!

The current fiasco in Washington, DC, of The Trump Impeachment Inquiry, is causing me to wonder, how do you stop an unstable man, who is narcissistic, lost in his own world, obsessed with his ex opponent, and his predecessor and incapable of any empathy?

Look I recently heard some on television, say, on CNN, this is ALL THE PRESIDENT’s MEN, and they were pointing at a chart of men surrounding Trump. Pence, Pompeo, Giuliani, and Barr and then added in Lindsey Graham. I agree they are all Trump people, backing and supporting him to the hilt.

Yet, this is far worse than anything Presidents Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon or Bill Clinton had ever done. It has gone far beyond what they were put through Impeachment for. I say this for simple reasons, not a one of the three who went through Impeachment before, ever even thought of contacting a enemy leader for help in a political campaign ! Not a one thought of withholding funding to help a friendly nation, overcome Russian dominance, in their lives. Not a One lost it publically on television, ranting, raving, lying and making up stories as Trump has. Trump’s behaviour is not the behaviour of an innocent man folks!

Trump is not the stable genius he says people call him or he calls himself. He is far from it, that’s for sure. No President, no matter how much trouble their presidency was in, would stand next to the leader of another Nation and lose it like Trump did standing next to the president of Finland on public television.

Even Richard Nixon at his worse in his Impeachment Process, before he resigned had the brains to not act out in public around other leaders for the world to see. As David Gergen said and so did John Dean, Nixon knew he was in trouble, he knew he had been caught, and he knew better than to rant and rave and cry in public. He did so walking the halls of the White House staring at pictures of former Presidents and talking to them and himself.

I have received hated comments because of my stance on this Impeachment and on Trump’s Presidency, I roll with it because it is not a personal mission of mine, nor do I take them personally in anyway. They disagree with my opinion, so I load up on facts and lay them out and just tell it the way I see it. Some will always deny the facts and refuse to believe in them, but, as is happening now, the truth will always win out and it will be known.

I have been called mentally unstable by some of my blog readers on Facebook and other social media platforms, because I say what I do. Look, folks, I was born under Dwight D. Eisenhower, I have lived now through all of the presidents since, and now at 63 going on 64 in January I am faced with the worst President in American History and the most corrupt also. Sadly, it is true, what’s even more true is I live with a wife who is 16 years my senior who is now 79 years old and she says the same as me, and she has seen more Presidents than I. So, I don’t hate Donald J. Trump as a person, for I have never met him and wouldn’t want to based on all I already have seen and heard of him. But, I don’t like having an unstable man, who is a narcissist, a liar, a con man, who is compromised and dangerous as President of The United States of America.

I will not argue facts with people over Trump’s crimes anymore, for they hit us daily with them all and they pile higher each day. The sad thing about President’s who go bad, or go wrong or do illegal acts in office is this, They drag with them others in their Administration or associated with them into the morass of it all tarnishing them forever too.

Let’s look here at this one happening now, Michael Flynn, was just the start folks, and then we have the 34 others also dragged into it all that ended up the Mueller Investigation.

Now we have Trump’s second controversy The Ukraine Call and what was Trump out to accomplish by making this call? He wanted information on how the Mueller Probe started, He wanted Hillary Clinton’s emails he thought were on a server in the Ukraine and information on Joe Biden and his son Hunter for use in his re election campaign! He wanted to smear and tarnish his political opponents for his own personal gain, nothing here was for the United States at all! There is a pattern to all of it folks, it was for Trump’s personal wants and needs, not our countries.

Now, we have in the Ukraine mess, as I now call it, people dragged in, who are high in the Administration surrounding Trump. Vice President Pence knew, Secretary Pompeo was on the call himself and didn’t stop Trump, Rudy Giuliani his personal attorney is sent around the world to hunt down information for Trump and is acting without a security clearance or as far as we know any Government backing at all. William Barr the Appointed Attorney General of Donald Trump, is acting as an Emissary and Investigator for Trump to hunt down information and getting away with it all. Come on folks it is getting obvious here isn’t it. Then we have Senator Lindsey Graham, a man who said in the past during The Clinton Impeachment Hearings, Impeachment is about cleansing the Office of The Presidency, it’s about removing any stains on the Office. what happened to him, is he being blackmailed by Trump, or Russia? You Tell me how one man makes a 360 degree turn from Clinton to Trump!

I can go on and on here, and we now must hear from The Whistleblower and Administration Officials that will testify and give dispositions next. In the end the evidence just mounts up and builds and so will the pressure on the Presidency, on Trump and on Congress and both The House and Senate.

I hear rumors the Senate will never vote to Convict Trump based on just the phone call to Ukraine, but that won’t be all that the House will throw to the Senate when they are done. They will see Articles of Impeachment come forth that will include Abuse Of Power, Obstruction of Justice, Misuse of Power, and many more, I can not name yet. The Senate as some Trump supporters swear will never convict Trump or remove him from office I am being told. If that is true, then the Senators who won’t vote to Impeach and Remove Trump, will be removed at the ballot box come November 2020, because it will be obvious to all Americans, they are not worried about the country, they are worried about their party over the country.

I remind all Republicans, Country first, Our Republic first, Our democracy first and our Constitution first! America comes before Party, or Loyality!

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