So, why are the Republicans supporting him still?

As we wait to see what becomes of the current Impeachment Inquiry and what evidence is found as they move along, we need to realize what exactly is happening here and why.

We have a man in the White House who is President who is desperate to hang on to power, no matter what! He wants to be re-elected in 2020, and he doesn’t care who he uses to get there.

He used Russia to get elected in 2016 and he needed them to beat a woman by the way, in Hillary Clinton, who beat him like a drum in the popular vote by over 300 thousand votes there. He stole the election by using Russian help in the electoral college. Sadly, too many Americans feared Hillary Clinton and her ways of doing things, they were scared of her and what she would do as President. So we are now stuck with Donald J. Trump, a shyster, con man, liar, narcissist, uncaring and an individual who has no empathy, who cares nothing about America or it’s people. His only care is for himself and keeping power!

He openly stands in the Oval Office and gives information to our Russian enemies, then asks Leaders of Other Nations to find information on his political opponents and their families so he can use it against them in the election of 2020. And we still have Republicans standing around, kissing his ass and letting him do what he wants and saying, Trump didn’t do anything wrong? That’s sad.

As this debacle goes on and on, it will get worse for America, it’s economy, and it’s position in the world. Now China is being asked to find information on Trump’s political opponents and we all know they are communist, yet, the Republicans are saying nothing wrong still, what’s wrong with you people?

Text messages fly, and copies are coming out left and right, whistleblowers not one now, but two are coming to Congress with complaints and the republicans still say not enough, doesn’t rise to the level of High Crimes and Misdemeanors. It does and they won’t get away with saying it doesn’t and they know it. The Republicans hate losing just as do the Democrats and that is what this is all coming down to now. The Republicans will continue to support Trump, no matter what is brought out, why, because they know the only way for them to have any power is to keep Trump in Office.

But what about the moral and ethical side of this whole fiasco folks? What about what’s right and what’s wrong here? What about the damage his tariffs are doing to the farmers and auto industries? What about the world laughing at us now?

I ask all Americans, is it right for an American President to withhold money allocated by Congress to help a country, fight Russia and tell them they have to produce evidence against Trump’s Political Opponent Joe Biden and his son to get it? It’s not only wrong and illegal folks, it morally corrupt and dangerous for if he can do it to one country he can do it to another and another and it will set a precedent for all the future.

I warn the Republicans, you shall not hold the Senate or House of Representatives or White House forever, what happens when the shoe is on the other foot? What happens when it is a Democrat in the Oval Office and they do the same exact acts and things Trump is doing right now? What happens then Republicans will you cry and scream and fight like crazy to Impeach a Democrat for the exact same things? I am betting you will!

At this point in time, The House of Representatives has more than enough information and evidence to Impeach Trump in the House alone. They are gathering more evidence every day because their investigations are digging out more and more and we now have another whistleblower over Trump’s and Pence’s taxes now. so, as this builds, nothing gets done for the American People, Congress is frozen and Americans suffer!

Is there one adult in the playroom of Congress, that can stand up, and make a decision, regarding the status of the Country and the logical decision here needed?

We need someone with brains, someone with intelligence and someone with political skills enough to stand up in the House and Senate and go, Enough is Enough! We need Republicans with guts and brains to reach across the aisle and work with the Democrats to solve this crisis? It’s time for the House and the Senate to talk to one another, the Democrats and the Republicans to act human and negotiate here and get this finished and over with it.

What Trump is doing is wrong, illegal, it’s a Breach of his Oath of Office,it’s a Breach of the Constitution and The Laws of The United States. It’s also fully apparent here, The Democrats are going to keep pressing and Investigating and Impeaching and writing Articles of Impeachment, it is also apparent the Republicans are going to keep playing the delay, distract and distort game Trump loves and go along with his illegal ways. So, Congress as a whole, will hold everything up and do nothing period while this is going on. Nothing gets accomplished for the American People, and the country will slowly slide toward recession and political peril each and every day this goes on.

So, what should be done is simple, Congress can agree on one of two things here, 1) Impeach and Remove Trump, and get it over with or 2) Vote to Impeach in The House and have the Senate agree to censure him and limit his abilities, till he leaves the office.

There really will be no third choice here because Donald J. Trump will continue what he is doing for it is who he is. He doesn’t care about the country, us citizens, or anything but himself. He’s proven it now at least three times while in office, in winning it he used an enemy, in asking Ukraine to investigate American Citizens and his opponent and now also asking China to do the same. The Democrats will not let it go, the American People are getting fed up with this whole show and in the end, Trump has to be reigned in and controlled, or removed from office.

The safety of the country is at stake now, when you start inviting Russia, Ukraine and now China to interfere in our elections and to investigate your political opponents for self gain, you also put the national security of the country at stake, for they will use it to blackmail America and the President to do their bidding in future times. Sadly, it’s just a fact now and very realistic.

We have reached a point in American History that we the American People must step up, call our Representatives and Senators, send text messages, emails, phone calls or use any service we can find to convey to them this situation must end now. It must come to a head, and for the safety of the American republic and democracy, it must end with Trump gone, either now immediately, or by outright voting him out of office, for he is so deep in this and so guilty of all of this, he will never win reelection in 2020. So, why are the Republicans supporting him still?


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