Save America, from destruction from within.

The Trump Circus and Assine Answers, Group is still in Washington, DC, and still in power! Crime after crime admitted to and proven, and more coming as each person testifies before Committees in The House of Representatives.

My question is a simple one America, how much more will the House let Trump and his cronies get away with, before they write the Articles of Impeachment, make a very strong case for removal from office, and send it to the Senate?

I understand Nancy Pelosi’s predicament in this case. She is facing a Republican Senate that is totally reluctant to call for President Trump’s removal, even if he is 100 percent guilty of all crimes. In order to Remove Trump the Senate which is the actual trial part of this Impeachment process, must be convince beyond a reasonable doubt before and trial, so when it comes down to it the Republicans have no choice to Vote for Removal. If The House slaps the Senate with the right Articles of Impeachment and they are written correctly so no denial will work, even the Republicans will have to vote to remove Trump and his cronies.

More and more each day of the week that passes, the information and crimes and more come out as each witness testifies and it gets documented. As it happens the American Public will get fed up and revolt if The House does not act soon and it wil be worse once the Senate does not react. Do the Republicans understand yet, what they are dealing with is not a one sided fight against Trump yet, this is not partisan politics, this is a serious problem that is destroying America’s leadership in the world, it is destroying and eroding the American economy and the world’s too and Trump is abandoning allies who helped fight ISIS, and leaving them to die at the hands of their enemies. How much further astray and off center and far out can even the Republicans allow Trump to go as President? He is already sacrificing our national security!

When will the Republicans wake up, and see what is happening instead of denying, distracting, and backing Trump up? Because quite frankly, The Republicans are backing a President who is off the rails, and unstable and dangerous to the country and the world we live in!

As Trump and the Republicans, proclaim Pence as completing the ceasefire in Turkey and Syria, it seems to me, this is the first time Pence has been asked to step up and do such an act. Ever wonder why? Look if all are worried about Pence becoming President for a short time, because he won’t save the Republicans in 2020 either, remember this constraints apply and Congress can guide him to the end in 2020. Fear not, but As many will say and now over 52 percent of Americans are saying, Trump must be Impeached and Removed. Congress, Both Parties need to come together now, in this critical time and act not just to remove Trump, but to save America, from destruction from within.

P:S- I am finally home again after a scarey week in a VA Hospital!

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