He is the most illegal and illegitimate President in American History!

The Trump Fiasco that is his Presidency is far out of control now, it is beyond anything, any other President has started or caused to happen while in office as far as Corruption, Illegal acts and Abuses of Power. His lies continue daily, and the Republicans cowher and hide and lie and divert and distract from the facts to protect him and defend him, why?

We have had The Mueller Report now, filled with clues to his colluding with Russia to win the 2016 election, 10 cases of Obstruction of Justice, now the Ukraine Phone call affair and his Quid Pro Quo, efforts to get information on Joe Biden and his son Hunter for use in the 2020 election cycle. Then yesterday Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani , has two men he is videoed with and talks to constantly who are now arrested trying to escape America on one way tickets to Vienna? Also Rudy had a ticket to Vienna himself, for some reason, guess what it may be?

Giuliani, wanted to be Secretary of State under Trump when Trump was elected, but Trump refused to nominate him, probably due to exposure possibilities. So as others like Rex Tillerson and now Mike Pompeo are Officially Secretary of State, Giuliani is acting as a rogue, off the books illegal Secretary of State behind the scenes as Trump’s personal attorney? Sounds real fishy to me, how come Rudy is contacting other leaders of other nations without official approval of the american Government or no security clearances? Someone please explain that one!

Just like Michael Cohen when it was exposed about the Stormy Daniels payments, we now see Trump Denying Knowing Anything about, everything Rudy was doing! Trump does this to all the people who work for him and do illegal acts for him, so that he can not be pulled down with them. Then, just like Cohen and others they all say I did it at the direction of Donald Trump and no one charges Trump, because the person saying it gets convicted of it. Perfect cover right?

The Forty Fifth President of The United States of America, is a con man, a narcissist, a liar, a person with no morals or ethics and all he cares about is Trump and Money. he has failed at everything he has tried to do as President, he is wrecking the world economy and america’s economy too with his stupid assed tariffs. His so called wall on the Southern Border between us and Mexico is a laughing stock, and just a fence being repaired and repainted, not built. Now he has abandoned the Syrians and Kurds in Syria and walked away from friends who fought Isis and other terror organizations with us, and Turkey invades as soon as he does. Is this the way an American President should act?

I say Declare the Impeachment Inquiry with a Vote Speaker Pelosi, Write the Articles of Impeachment, Then Impeach him in the House and send it to the Senate with a very strong case for conviction and removal from office. Even if the President does not understand the Constitution or the Bill of Rights or the Laws of our land, no man, not even the American President is above the Law. To allow Donald J, Trump to continue to rip and tear at the very foundations of Democracy and our Republic and sell us out to Russia and other nations for political favors against his political opponents is dead wrong and severely damaging to America as a Nation. He is tearing at the Fabric of the Republic and Democracy, selling us out to other countries and destroying or economy and our way of life. It is a sad time in American History and the longer it goes on the worse it will become, we all know it and see it daily.

Put The Impeachment into Action Now, Write The Articles of Impeachment Vote on The Articles, Impeach Trump and then send it all to the Senate and Convict him and Remove Him. He is the most illegal and illegitimate President in American History!

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