Stop Trump, Please, This is a Plea, By a Concerned Citizen

I must say this here and now, I have been away from blog writing for over a week, due to medical problems of high blood pressure. A Week in a Veteran’s Hospital is like six months at sea, painful, lonely and impossible to sleep through.

Coming home, I hear all that has happened during the Impeachment Inquiry and it’s hearings and the death of Elijah Cummings one of its Committee Leaders. I face each day with the thought that something may happen to me, and my beloved United States of America whom I served for 16 long years. I fear it is being sold to Russia and other nations by Donald Trump and the longer he stays in Office the further we shall slide toward being blackmailed and controlled by Putin and Russia.

When MSNBC reports, that “If a vote were held by noon today,in The Senate, President Trump would be removed from office and replaced by Mike Pence.” I ask myself than, what is the delay in moving forward with the Impeachment and handing it to the Senate for Trial and removal of Trump from the office?

Look I know digging is still happening and witnesses are still testifying and telling all that has happened, but to prevent further damage to The US Constitution, The United States as a whole and our Republic, someone must stand up in the Republican Party and break the wall of protection the Republicans are providing Trump. Who shall it be you tell me Republicans, will Mitch McConnell break from Trump. maybe Lindsey Graham, Mitt Romney has already spoken out and so have other Republican congressmen and women. So, what happens next America, do we allow a President who is illegitimate, illegal, a liar, con man, and a colluder with our enemies, who has also committed Obstruction of Justice and more sit in the White House till November 2020 and destroy America from within? Where do we go from here and how soon is my questions, to the Democratic and Republicans? When does a change occur and why hasn’t it begun already, what’s the hold up?

Each day I turn on msnbc, cnn and other news networks to see Trump panicking, lying, trying to distract and avoid the truth. Don’t the Senators and Representatives in Office see it too, don’t they realize what it looks like to other world leaders? Don’t they realize how far our ability to lead has sunk and disappeared, how far our economy is in trouble and how many Americans are hurt by job loses, health care loses and more? Why don’t they act now, and get it done before the holidays and we can move on from here to a better America and regain our stature and position as world leaders?

That said, sadly at 63 years old, I have had a rough past almost two weeks medically and personally. I have faced my own health issues and my wife’s also. While I have medical issues and disabilities from the military life I led for 16 years, my wife has suffered now since 2005 with breast cancer, now metastasized to her bones and she is stage 4. I suffered cancer in 2013 myself, lung cancer. The point being if it were not for the fact of Medicare and Medicaid for her and The Veterans Administration Hospital for me, we could be dead right now, we most certainly would be broke and desolate for sure. We were lucky I served and lucky she has medicare and medicaid and I was given Medicare through the Veteran’s in case I needed a hospital for emergency care.

Across America there are millions like us here in Connecticut suffering in the same way, struggling thru day by day, week by week and month by month. Yet Trump wants to axe Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and leave all of us depending on it broke and more than likely homeless. I served my country 16 years, starting in 1973, ending in 1989, do the math please, I deserve my benefits, and my wife needs help and needs hers too. Don’t let Trump destroy Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, don’t let Trump get away with High Crimes and Misdemeanors,my God Almighty, Representatives and Senators wake up before your family members become a victim like one of us and you have to pay out to take care of them. Stop Trump, Please, This is a Plea, By a Concerned Citizen, A Patriot, A Veteran who is Disabled and his wife, who are dependent on these benefits to survive and have had enough of Trump and his corrupt, illegal ways and his lies. Help US!

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