Impeach and Remove Donald J. Trump as President! Isn’t it time to act now Congress?

How far can Congress, The Republicans really let Trump go? How far out and off the main pathway of Democracy and the Republic will The Republicans allow one man to drive the Nation?

Senators like Lindsey Graham, McConnell, and others are nothing but enablers, and they will be responsible for whatever happens, if they continue to keep letting Trump do as he pleases and backing him all the way!

Each person who comes forward and testifies about the Ukraine phone call and all it contained and why it contained it makes the matter that much more important to the United States’s security! Do these republicans not get what happened or are they just sitting back hymming and hawing and saying no big deal?

Sadly we have now had lies from the first day in Trumps Presidency till now, start with Trump telling Sean Spicer to come out and say his Inauguration Crowd was the biggest in American History till, there was no quid pro quo now.

The Mueller Investigation Proved, Russian Interference in the 2016 Election, it proved 10 counts of Obstruction of Justice. It also gave grounds for further investigations into the Trump 2016 Campaign. For the last almost three years the American Public has been paying for those who elected Trump’s mistake of voting him into office.

I remind all, President Donald Trump had almost three years in office, yet has zero accomplishments to his name, zero.

It’s been one lie and crime after the other folks, now the Ukraine call is coming to a boiling head on a hot stove of anxiety, tension, pressure and stress, and Trump himself is so far off the rails I hope someone is closely watching all he does.

So answer me this my fellow Americans, how many more times can Trump break the laws of the land, breach the emolument clause of the Constitution and the Constitution itself and still be allowed to remain in office?

As the White House and the Trump Administration stonewalls The Committees and Congress, which is in and of itself an Obstruction of Justice charge each time they do so, witnesses come forth, testify and two whistleblowers talk and send letters, what of the American taxpayer who is paying for all of this? How many millions or billions will it cost the American Taxpayer before the majority is listened to and Trump Impeached and Removed?

It is getting close to the Primaries for each party for the 2020 election cycle. We shall have to make choices and decisions on who our next President will be very soon. Do we want this Impeach Inquiry and a Possible Senate Trial to be going on during it?

Will America speak up soon, and will the Republicans wake up and realize Trump is burning them down and destroying not only the Republican party, but our republic and democratic ways?

We have lost the Leadership position in the world politically, maybe not militarily yet. Other countries that used to look at us for assistance and help now turn elsewhere as Trump withdraws us from the world stage. He pulled us from The Paris Accord on Environmental change and Climate Control , he formed his own America, Canada ad Mexico Trade Partnership not for the US but to benefit his own business. He is selling Hotel Rooms to the United States Government by have Air Force Crews stay in his hotels in Scotland. He has tried to set up a G7 Summit in his own Doral Resort in Florida only to finely here from Congress he can’t do that! He laughed at law makers and the Constitution calling the Emolument Clause phoney!

To the Senate Republicans I have this to say, you can play protect and defend Trump all day and night if you wish. The American Public is watching closely, we know what your names are, we know what states you represent and all of those out there who are democrats or Independents are listening too and watching. Go ahead keep defending President Trump, and not act to Impeach Him and Remove him, because when you come up for reelection yourself, it will be you who will be removed!

The American Public is not stupid, it may not tell you outright in polls or opinions what will be next, but the American People get tired of not getting represented correctly or listened to and they will react, and each one of you Republicans who support Trump so faithfully and loyalty,and play Tammy Wynette’s Stand By Your Man as you do, better know we see you! Go ahead Lindsey Graham and McConnell and others, do your thing, but as you do, reflection time is coming and so is re-election time, America will speak at the Voting Boxes come November 3rd, 2020, be ready to retire and go home!

At Least fifty two percent of Americans are saying Impeach and Remove Donald J. Trump as President! Isn’t it time to act now Congress?

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