Impeachment is over, next is a Trial !

Yesterday December 18th, 2019, for the third time in American History a United States President was Impeached by the House of Representatives. No matter how you look at it and no matter how you argue it, it was not the Democrats or Republicans who brought it upon our nation, but the man elected to the office, Donald John Trump.

I have listened to all the proceedings and speeches in the Impeachment Process and on television news everywhere, in the end Trump himself caused his own Impeachment.

Agree or disagree with the Articles of Impeachment or the way it was done and finished yesterday, it is not the Democrats fault, nor is there a reason to blame them, and the Republicans and Trumpers who back Trump, are being foolish to point fingers and make threats against the Democrats or future Presidencies, period.

In the end if the Republicans believe threatening the country with future Impeachments is a smart or intelligent move, they are wrong and so is anyone thinking in the revenge or vengeful mode. It’s a sad statement on the intelligence levels of those that do so and shows their gullibility and simplicity in thought and in the usage of their minds. never mind the fault of logic and reason they are showing by blindly following a man who broke the Constitution, the Laws and put American Security at stake in doing all he has done.

I have heard the anger, the vitriol, the screaming, the argueing, and the emotional outbursts across America. Who caused the divide in America, who caused the anger and the vitriol, who started it and made it grow and made us the angry and mad country we are today, after Trump’s Impeachment, Trump that’s who,

The Democrats are not responsible for Trump’s breaching of America’s trust, his breaking of the Laws and his Oath of Office, or the Laws and Constitution, Trump is period. To see Trumpers angrily screaming and shouting because he was impeached and saying they will get even is childish, foolish and immature behavior on the part of the Senators and Representatives who back Trump. They look like schoolyard bullies who lost a fight and can’t wait to get even, which is foolish, childish, immature and most of all detrimental to the Constitution, The Laws of the Land and the country we all love and live in. It is a disgrace, a shame and in the end embarrassing, for the world to see what Trump has done, how he has undermined the Constitution and our laws and how in the end The Republicans are acting like children and looking now to fulfill a vendetta. What will those who we lead and those who follow us and our example think of all of this?

We need to pull ourselves together again, we need to bridge any partisan divide and realize what is really happening here, it is a division that can ruin the country, the laws we have in it and the reason why America became a country in the first place. Our forefathers, wrote the Constitution and The Laws the way they did to stop anyone one person from becoming a Dictator or King or Tyrant, it is vital we remain a Republic and a Democracy in order for the United States to survive and go on.

The Democrats are not gloating and cheering the Impeachment of Donald Trump as President, they are saying no man is above the law, no man has a right to lie, cheat and steal an election or to invite outsiders into our election processes. They are saying Donald John Trump went too far, in threatening to remove aid to a country being attacked by our greatest enemy, he went too far period.

Now I know the Trumpers and Republicans are angry and upset he was Impeached, but in the end it is the best that could have happened for the country as a Republic and a Democracy for it proves the system works, the checks and balance system our ForeFathers put in place still works, and that is vital.

As a person and a disabled veteran, and a voter and citizen of America who pays taxes, I say this to all the Trumpers and angry Republicans, The system worked as it had to work! It was built in to the Constitution for a reason and it upholds the laws of the land and the nation. In the end I ask one thing, do you really think your anger and vitriol and nasty words will help America? No they won’t they will cause more anger, more violence and anger in the streets of America and pull us down in the eyes of the world. That Americans is all wrong and you know it and so do I.

I served sixteen years in three Branches of Service, I gave all I had to Protect and Defend the Constitution of The United States of America, against all threats foreign and domestic, and now the House of Representatives have done the exact same thing. God Bless the United States, may it live forever in the world as the shining beacon of freedoms as it has for the last 243 years!

The Senate and The Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts must now conduct a Trial in The Senate. First act for Chief Justice Roberts, before the Trial begins, Recuse Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham from the trial as Jurors, No Trial by Jury in any Courtroom in America would allow jurors on it who are not impartial and can’t make a decision based on the facts as presented.

Both Senators McConnell and Graham have already admitted they will vote against conviction, and for acquittal, publically. That Disqualifies them for Duty as Jurors period in any court room in America and by all laws on the American books currently in use. Make The Trial a fair one, recuse both of these Senators and lets get on with it,whether Trump is convicted and removed from office or acquitted it must be done in a fair and equitable trial, not a by a jury that is tainted by Jurors already decided to affect the outcome. It would be unfair to the American People period.

So, to Chief Justice Roberts, I say this, ” Do You Job, Recuse Senators Mitch McConnell and Lindsay Graham from the Trial and jury for this case!”

The Trial will be held, the only question is, will it be fair to both sides? It will not be held until Nancy Pelosi releases it to the Senate and she will not do so until it is based on a fair trial for all of America. And it will hang over America’s head, until it is done properly by all involved. Let’s do it Right!

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