History Comes Tomorrow Once More!

Tomorrow History will be made in America, and in all rights, it will be just and correct to do. For the third time in America’s 243 year history of being a Republic and a Democracy and a Nation, a President will be Impeached for Crimes Against the Constitution and The American People.

America fought a Revolutionary War against a King to win its Independence and to Establish itself as a nation of freedoms that have rung out clear and wide across the world for all to see. A Proud nation and a Proud people We Americans shall always be, we have earned that right. What we can’t have is a sitting President doing as he pleases, disregarding his duties as a President and disobeying the Laws of the Land he is presidening over.

Sadly, for the third time in American History a President of the United States will be Impeached while in Office, he will most likely not be removed because his party owns the Senate and they are all going to back him to stay in Office, period.

Andrew Johnson was impeached way back on February 24th 1868, for High Crimes and Misdemeanors, 11 Articles to be Precise. he wasn’t removed from Office and completed his term as the 17th President.

Next came William Jefferson Clinton who was Impeached on December 19th, 1998 for Perjury and Obstruction of Justice. He too was not removed from Office by The Senate and allowed to finish his terms.

In between Johnson and Clinton was Richard M. Nixon. We all know the Watergate Fiasco that Occurred and how Nixon Resigned from Office, in August 1974.

Now we have Donald John Trump the 45th President of The United States, who in my opinion should have never been in Office as President he has no qualifications at all, or accomplishments of any kind. He worked with the Russians to get the Presidency and since has done all he could in accordance with Putin’s wishes. Yet, The Republicans still back him in all ways. Tomorrow he will be Impeached by The House of Representatives as the first two were above. He faces Charges of Obstruction of Congress and Abuse of Power. He will most likely be the Third American President Impeached while in office. Joining the list of Criminally accused Presidents in American History!

Across America, Americans are split over the IMpeachment of President Trump and support has waned some for said Impeachment and Removal. Yet The Impeachment will happen tomorrow of that no one has any doubt. The Senate will have the responsibility of reading The Articles of Impeachment and presenting them ina Trial, which we are being told is being rigged by The Senate Majority Leader, Senator McConnell and Senator Lindsey Graham, Trump’s main supporters.

The Senate has the job of holding a trial once the House does Impeach they decide if Trump is guilty or not and whether he will be removed or not. The Trial is supposed to be impartial and done in such as way as the Senators get all the evidence and Articles of impeachment and witnesses are called to testify. McConnell and Graham and the Republicans are already announcing ahead of time Trump will not be convicted and removed from Office. There will be no impartial Jury folks, that’s right you heard me here, if it were to be Impartial then McConnell and Graham wouldn’t be allowed to take part, for they are biased in the President’s favor even before it begins. They should be removed from the Senate Jury presiding over President Trump’s Trial. by the Supreme Court Justice in Charge Roberts. Read the laws Mr. Supreme Court Justice, the Trial should follow the same rules of justice all American Trials do.

Americans will now watch history in the making once again and those who elected and voted for Donald John Trump should hang their heads for doing so. I remind them he was elected, with the help of Putin and Russia and their interference in the 2016 election, he also lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton by over 300,000 votes.

He has failed at everything he has attempted to do and disgraced America across the world and been laughed at in the United Nations and in Europe left and right for his stupidity and stances he has taken on climate change and trade. His wall many believe because he says so is being built on our southern border, truth is it isn’t. he has had repairs made to the broken fences and painting done is all and then rushed down to put his name on it ona plaque is all. he can’t fund it for stealing money from the military to do so is illegal ask the courts.

We as Americans, are facing a trying and sad moment in history tomorrow. We as Americans have to wake up and face the fact, the wrong person ended up in The White House Oval Office due to the involvement and interference of a enemy state of the United States of America. Americans need to wake up and take back our own country, we need to save our right to vote, our Democracy and our Republic. We can not allow Trump to use Russia, Ukraine, china or any other nation to control out Elections and or results and our Presidencies either.

I will watch as will the millions and millions of Americans and billions of others across the world tomorrow as The House votes to Impeach President Donald John Trump!

I will watch, and hope all who do understand the whys and reasons it must be done the way it is. There is no pride or honor in Impeaching a President, there is only the sadness and pain of knowing, it had to be done to save the United States, it’s Republic and Democracy!

History must come Tomorrow, and all the word will see America’s shame and pain!

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