Welcome to the reality of what 2020 brings, Ladies and Gentlemen of the World!

Today being the 28th 0f December 2019, we are now a total of four days from 2020, if you count today ,and amazingly I am still here.

2019 brought the deaths of many famous people and of course some loved ones for all. It also brought few wealth and more just survived it all financially, many found their fortunes gone or taken from them. 2019 was a year of more downs than ups in my book, but to each person it is a little different, I am sure, I just wish the ups were so much more than they were.

The future should be electric cars and alternate transportation, instead of using fossil fuels, Factories should be made pollution free, we need to plant more trees and pray for a slowing of the melting of the polar ice caps. As the ice caps melt and the glaciers, so does the waters rise and take away land masses, mankind can live on, just ask those in areas were it has already begun. There is no denying it folks!

In America politics will continue as normal as the politicians fight over the Impeachment of Trump as President. I will say this as my personal opinion, we have two choices, let him stay till the end of his term and watch him closely or remove him from office. I know his party the republicans won’t allow him to be removed and will fight it til it goes away. In the meantime, we are stuck with a liar, a cheat, and a weak, worthless leader in the eyes of the word who is laughing at us. Sadly, Americans voted him in, and didn’t stop to think what they were getting, all they wanted was to avoid Hillary Clinton, who they deemed the worst person to lead America. Now, because of their hatred of Clinton, we have a worthless liar and cheat in the White House, who is nothing more than what Clinton said he was, a puppet of Putin. But, we can’t change it, because the Republicans will protect him no matter the evidence period. We have already seen it.

So what’s next, as we roll toward 2020, can The Senate make a impartial trial happen in it? NO, it won’t for already many Republican Senators such as McConnell and Graham have already said they are not impartial and will vote against any removal. So, we will get a biased result and Trump will stay in office till the election comes about, at minimum.

What happens in November of 2020, wil be up to the American public and the election which we already know, Russia and Putin and his people are interfering in already. Will the American People protect their rights and their own election and stop other countries from interfering in our elections or let it happen again? It is still be to determined isn’t it?

As we close out 2019 and people celebrate a new year, we will still have to face the consequences of 2019 and all that occurred and all that failed too. Can America survive and carry on in today’s world and still survive as a republic and a democracy against all the outside pressures and interferences? Time will show soon enough my fellow Americans, and I pray that what Franklin said still stands today, We will have a Republic as Long As we work to keep it! Let’s hope we can do so, for the good of our nation and our people!

Other events took place in 2019, but most were overshadowed by all the politics of America. Sadly, we are losing the fight against climate change, we are slowly losing the fight against interference, racial divides, segregation, prejudice and discrimination also. Sadly, we are losing ground in furthering the education of our children, as more parents hand the education of their children to television and video games. We are losing the nutritional battle too, as children are fed junk foods to survive on, instead of us working to increase the production of decent food. It has become a world of convenience folks, doing it the easy way right, not the right way and what is happening, mankind is sliding closer to its demise, in more ways than one. But, people will nay say this and that and carry on blindly without looking at the facts and investigating themselves. letting others make their choices for them. In the end their lack of concerns and care about what happens, will let it all slide to a stop in the future and mankind, the earth to go dark and disappear unless someone reacts!

The choice starts with each American old enough to Vote and decide what direction we go as a nation. It starts with each child who yells for climate change laws and it starts with mankind waking up and caring more about itself and the world we live in.

If it doesn’t start, very very soon, like now, you may as well bend over and kiss it goodbye folks, the world is being ravaged, torn apart and it’s soul being used and removed. The more we tear from it, the weaker the planet gets, the faster the ice melts, the faster the waters rise also, if the waters rise, it’s less land mass for all to live on. The days of plenty are gone, the days of population explosions should end also. We need to slow down over population of the planet now or have no place to put people, folks. Wake up time is here, if we don’t wake up, we barrel toward mankind’s end at speeds we can not slow down or control.

Welcome to the reality of what 2020 brings, Ladies and Gentlemen of the World!

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