Its a sad way to start a new decade isnt it! America!

Welcome to 2020 folks, my 64th year on planet earth and of life period. The earth is slowly deteriorating, we are using up and mining it’s resources up and at the same time polluting, it’s atmosphere and air supply and it’s water too.

We need to face the crisis, that is climate change and reverse the effects of all we have done, or face the consequences of not having a planet for mankind to live on anymore. If the earth becomes uninhabitable folks, guess what, we have no other planet in our universe, we can reach that will support human life, that we can reach. So guess what happens then, mankind becomes extinct and the planet becomes a dead mudball, like Mars and it is the end of all existence, as mankind knows it to be. People you need to think about what I am saying, because the alternative is just letting it happen and not reacting.

Now, for America we face one of the biggest decisions ever in whether we complete the removal of an American President regarding President Donald John Trump. This is the biggest decision the Senate may have to face in it’s full history of the 243 years we have been a country.

I want to say this here and now, President Donald J, Trump deserves the Impeachment he received from the House of Representatives and the only question is how do we get a fair and impartial trial,in the Senate, regarding him?

The Senate Leader who is a Republican has openly said and so has a second Senator in Lindsey Graham both say, they are not impartial and will not vote for Trump’s removal. Due to these two, the impartial trial, intended by the forefathers in the Constitution, can not be held and conducted properly. Which means, that the American People, will not see an impartial trial, but a biased one, conducted on pure political partisanship.

A Decision now must be made by Supreme Court Justice Roberts, who will have to sit the Trial of An American President, he must decide will the trial be impartial as required by the Constitution, or be biased and unfair to the American People. The only way it can happen is if the Senators who openly oppose Trump’s conviction and removal must be recused from the process. The American Judicial Process is clear and so is the rule of law, no Juror can sit a trial of any individual if they can not be impartial, it happens in trials all across the land we live in, in all of our courts, anytime a jury is picked. So Justice Roberts, must recuse both of these Senators, from the trial by law.

So Americans. we must force or ask Chief Justice Roberts to make the decision to recuse both Senators, McConnell and Graham or the whole Trial becomes a farce of American Justice period and we may as well throw out the rule of law in America and become a communist country!.

Sadly, because Americans made a bad choice in voting Trump in as President, we have to go through a process, that is now making America and its citizens, look like total fools on the public air waves of the world. It’s a sad predicament for all of the United States to witness and the world too, it is teaching Americans humility and killing our pride, as a nation.

Welcome to 2020 Americans, this is the kind of country we have become, one where instead of being united and defending the country and our laws and ways, we have political partisanship rearing its ugly head, each day and in- fighting between the two major parties and our country is floundering and getting laughed at by the world. It’s a sad way to start a new decade isn’t it!

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