The Republicans have rigged it all in Trump’s favor to keep him in office!

Saturday, January 18th, 2020, As we start today I can’t wonder how a Republican led Senate can hold an Impartial Trial of President Donald J. Trump, if it’s Republican Senators have already said they are not impartial? Also, they took an oath now to be impartial in this trial so, what happens when they show they are not impartial, does the Chief Justice Roberts, react to that and rescuse certain Senators like Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham?

Any other Trial by Jury in America, the Judge would remove the non-impartial jurors to make it a far trial for the defendant, and the courts. What happens here is the question, does Justice Roberts have that ability and will he do it? Or is Justice Roberts a paid performer for Trump?

As the Trial will begin Tuesday the 21st of January, it may be delayed some for bills being put in that concern it and the new evidence coming out about Trump and his involvement in it all. Does Justice Roberts, insist on witnesses? Will he stand tall and make sure all evidence is heard so a just decision can be made by all Senators? What of all the new evidence now hitting the news waves on tv an din papers and radio reports, will he ensure it is seen and heard by all Senators?

I dont’t have the answers to what the results of the Trial will be for sure, but I do know this, if this were in a civilian court either on the Federal Level, or regular level, no Judge worth his salt and the degrees and education he has, would allow biased Jurors to sit and decide the case. Does the same rules apply here in an IMpeachment Trial in the Senate? And if not please explain why not to me!

I can’t understand why, a sitting President is allowed to lie so boldly to the American People the way Trump has been for three years and still stay in office! I guess we shall see what happens, but if no witnesses are called and none of the current evidence and photos and statements coming out right now are not allowed then the whole Impeachment Trial is a joke and a lie and a sham. Which means, The Republicans have rigged it all in Trump’s favor to keep him in office, to what detriment of the American People and our laws as a country?

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