Trial Time Must come to Be

As stores close and cut back. or down, malls are becoming isolated places, and empty buildings slowly. The major stores that filled them file bankruptcy and go under it seems. Macys. JC Penny, Sears and more, gone or vanished. Caldors, gone, it is sad they fall one by one.

The Job Market is not as great as Trump says too. Ask the people of Pittsburgh, Pa. Ask the people of Ohio and the Farmers of Iowa also. It’s not growing folks it shrinking and Trump and his people are lying about it all.

The Internet has taken over and Amazon drives the businesses out that compete with them.

Sadly, variety and sales of items is now a click away on a computer and delivery is many times free or low cost. So, of course those with access will use it, which mean brick and mortar stores are going under and buildings are becoming vacant.

Now we face issues with other countries brought on by rash decisions of Trump. We had no need to attack Iran or het Iraq involved, yet Trump went ahead and killed their General.

No explanation has been given to Congress that makes any sense as to why he did it at the time her did. Best guess is simple, start a confrontation, distract from Impeach Hearings and a Senate Trial and rally America behind him so he can stay in office and try to get a second term. It’s plain and simple really, that’s how he is doing it all.

Sadly, too many uneducated people are backing Trump and in the end he may get elected again, but if it happens, how soon will America be at war again and how many of your children will be drafted or have to die. Sadly, people don’t get it lol.

As America goes down the tubes, because Trump is selling us out to Russia, making bad decisions for no reasons and is already Impeached, don’t you believe like I do, it is time for his Trial in The Senate?

As I see it though certain Senators will have to be recused for the trial to be impartial and work correctly. Senator McConnell the Republican Senator Leader and Senator Lindsey Graham must both be recused they are not impartial and have stated they won’t be either. In any other Jury Trial in The United States Judicial System, a Juror who was not impartial would be recused and that is what needs to happen in this case too, and if Chief Justice Roberts is doing his job, then it must happen here. By Law that is how it should be done.

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