We see your votes to destroy American democracy and our Republic and to make your buddy and friend a King!

Welcome to the Year America Died!

As The Trump Trial winds down and Senator Lamar Alexander and his Republican Cronies, including the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham, prepare to vote against witnesses and subpoenas for documents, America fades from the Red, White and Blue Republic it was born and meant to be to a Monarchy, or Tyranny, or a socialist country.

We will as soon as the Republicans vote today, have lost the Power to Impeach a President, the check and balance system america had wil fade into no existence and one man will be supreme in America, it will be the First American King Donald J, Trump.

It took 243 years of a Republic and Democracy, for it to happen but here it is! Sadly, now Washington, Jefferson, Adams and Franklin as well as Hamilton, and the rest of America’s Founding Father, are now rolling over in their graves.

America has now lost to Russia and Putin and Communism! Putin now has full control over his puppet Trump, and in the end over where America goes next and how!.

The Vote not to have witnesses and documents in the Impeachment Trial of Donald J. Trump, shows the world and Russia just how weak and feeble our Congress and Senate has become under Republican Rule. The saddest part of all of it is this, as we slide toward either a socialist or communist rule in America and the freedom we once have will begin to disappear, you shall see. The Press is already under full assault, the medical programs are failing, and the infrastructure of America is falling apart. The White Supremacist are rising and for the first time in american history walk our streets carrying flags and torches screaming the will not replace us in chants. nazi symbol now roam america. And now once the vote is in today and DOnald J Trump is Acquitted, America will have it’s first King, since we escaped King George of England. Sad isn’t it?

I was born under Dwight D. Eisenhower, a President who was a General and who led the way for all Americans through World War 2. I watched as John F, Kennedy was hot down in Dallas in November of 1963 as a 7 year old child in school and cried. I watched as Martin Luther King Jr,s and Robert Kennedy were erased from history by assassins. I watched Lyndon Johnson fail asa President and escalate the War in Vietnam, and then quit when he was fought over it and his choices. I watched Richard Nixon rise and fall and went really an American President did this? No Matter what anyone says, Watergate or not Richard Nixon created an economy that worked, he took us out of Vietnam, and had the best Foreign Policies ever when he opened up Russia and China. Yet NIxon made his mistakes and had the guts, brains and balls to resign the Presidency to save the Republic and Democracy.

I have been around a long time, Reagan Iran/ Contra Affair, Jimmy Carter failing to get our hostages as the history books paint it is a lie, he got their release but Reagan too the credit is all.

So many great men have filled The Presidency, led the country and sat in the Oval Office of the White House. As we go forward I want all to think of them, think of what they would say of Donald J. Trump.

Back in the beginnings of America, we had a traitor his name was Benedict Arnold, anyone remember him? Well Arnold gave secrets to the British as we fought for our Independence, and then switched sides and actually became a British General. He burned New London, Connecticut and more. In the end, where and how did Arnold end up? Well he died in England and on his deathbed he wore the Patriot Blue Generals Uniform of America not the Red of The British and he cried he wanted to come home, he never did. He knew if he did, America would hang him for treason.

Today in January of 2020, we have in Office a president who is selling us to Russia, using other countries to interfere in out Elections to steal them. He is aso using other countries to try to get information on his opponents in the 2020 election and to control your votes so he wins. Now the Senate is saying they don’t have the evidence to remove Donald J, Trump from office, I say their wrong, but they have the power not us.

As we roll on and Trump continues his patterns of corruption and illegal actions and crimes, stop and think what will happen if he gets re-elected in November of 2020. How far will he goes and how much further toward communism will we end up?

We have children in america of all ages, all colors and all races to think about. You are parents out there, so many of you, is this the America you want for their future? Do you want an America in deeper debt? Do you want an America hated by the world and ignored when we ask for help? Because that is what you are getting!.

Do you want to let the world and it’s climate be ruin and destroyed, leaving your children, grandchildren and future generation a husk of a planet, destroyed by pollution ad plastics and more? Climate Change is real it is destroying the world we live on and just think, how long before there is no breathable air, and children have to wear facemasks to breath and carry oxygen tanks on their backs to go outside? What happens when there are no more cows for beef, no more fresh waters to drink? Think about it, as your Great and Wonderful President DOnald J. Trump denies Climate Change even exists!

Yes. letting Donald J. Trump stay in Office, will ruin and wreck the foundations of the american Government. The checks and balance system is now shot, iMpeachment will b no-existant, The House won’t be able to check the President, The senate won’t be able to react either and the next American President can now say, Trump did it, he got away with it and so can I. It’s call setting precedent and the senate is setting it if they Vote no to Witnesses and documents today.

I can’t change what Senator Lamar Alexander does or does not say or do or any Senator, but I can say this, let History now record all the Votes of each Senator. Let’s make sure Alexander and the others who refuse to allow witnesses and documents, remember if they are on trial, the same can now happen to them.And lets let them know, we see you, we see your votes to destroy American democracy and our Republic and to make your buddy and friend a King!.

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