What will future Presidents do, and how will Congress check the balance of Power in the Future?

The Farce that is the Trump Impeachment Trial in the Senate shall end today, as the Republicans vote to acquit Donald J. Trump as pre ordained by Putin and Russia and because of their own fears of Trump putting a candidate up against them for a primary in their Home States.

If you notice I said Donald J. Trump, because I do not respect the man, nor do I think he deserves to hold the position he does! he;s corrupt, illegal and the Russians stole the 2016 election for him and they are about to do it again in 2020. Too many Americans are blind to the facts.

I recently had a conversation with the so called new generation of Americans. What I gathered is the following, they tire of politics and the current political picture in america, but they lack the motivation and energy to react to it all and make any changes. They have an attitude of I see it, but I can’t do nothing about it, or just plain don’t care and that is sad.

As the Trial runs down in the Senate and more Senators say what Trump did was wrong, the still refuse to call it worth his removal from office and that is sad, beyond belief. Why, you say, simple the precedent they are setting by letting Trump off is the worst thing for America’s Constitution, the Republic and our Democracy that could ever be done. Why of the Future of America, what of Impeachment as a just cause and weapon to stop a rouge in the White House? That power will be lost now to both the Senate and the House leaving Presidents who come next to run wild!

That said, we now face what to do next as Climate Control worsens, our planetary conditions get worse and no one does a damn thing about it. As the air reaches pollution stages where humans may need masks to breath, the oceans rise and take away land masses and temperature changes affect all.

Who will address that problem? And How?

The world is about to face disaster after disaster and our biggest worry in America is what to do with Trump thats sad!

I close with this thought for all, With Trump getting Acquitted, What will future Presidents do, and how will Congress check the balance of Power in the Future?

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