Let’s fight back and find a way to cure and get rid of this virus, as one human race!

As the world is being brought to it’s knees from the Coronavirus, we have to stop and think about what we do as human beings to survive. I don’t care what color, nationality, or sex you are, the coronavirus is about to affect your life in someway.

  1. Learn to stay clean, shower or bathe daily. Wash your hands with heated water and lots of soap, use disinfectant, especially if in a public place with groups of people in it soon after. The sooner the better.
  2. Wash all you vegetables and fruits before you eat them if they are fresh. They are open to the air in grocery stores and such, so wash them.
  3. Stay away from crowds, the more you near others, the bigger chance you are taking with coronavirus. You have no idea where your friend or relative may have been on their own and who they have associated with.
  4. The coronavirus may take up to 5 to 7 days to show symptoms in people, and up to 14 days or more before it runs it’s course.
  5. If you have a immune system deficiency, caused by a disease like cancer, or another disease, be ultra careful out there. You are at the greatest risk from this virus. For Instance my wife and I are both cancer victims, I have diabetes, our systems can’t fight as well as others.

Listen, I know President Trump will tell you the virus will disappear in April or warmer weather, not proof of that exists. He says, The Flu has killed more people last year than the coronavirus has, let me tell you folks something, this virus is just starting to take it’s effect and tolls, as the numbers of infected and the number of deaths are rising too. The truth is no one can tell you how long we will be dealing with this virus. The Scientist and Medical Professionals will tell you, it will take anywhere from 12 to 24 months to come up with a vaccine, so be prepared for the long haul here.

Limit you exposure, by staying home more, by shopping only as needed, by staying six feet apart. If someone is sneezing or coughing get six feet or more away, avoid touching others.

Surfaces such as doorknobs, table tops, and common surfaces, have to be cleaned. Countertops in your own home too.

Now I have heard the Trumpers, repeat the stupid lies and bullshit coming from our President’s mouth here in America, the difference is simple folks, the Medical and Scientific people, know the facts and the truth and deal with pandemics, he doesn’t. They know better so listen to them on this not him.

Isolating America right now is a good idea and I give Trump credit for doing that, but his speech was a total failure, and soon enough it will be apparent to him and America too, as he has been careless himself and may have been exposed to the virus as his daughter may have too, now is coming out. The Virus doesn’t care if you Republican, or democrat or Independent, the virus doesn’t care if your 50 or 60 or older, it doesn’t care if you already sick or have a debilitating condition, or an immune deficiency condition, it will attack those who have those conditions worse.

The Virus doesn’t care who gets elected President or doesn’t get elected, it attacks all! There is no line between rich or poor with it, white or black or brown without, the virus doesn’t care folks. Wake up!

I am personally disappointed in The American Government, the current Administration and yes President Trump himself. His lack of leadership and his lack of ability to act when this was known as coming at us is sad. Yet, I will say America is still the greatest nation on the planet, we still have the best and most educated here and we can still work in conjunction with all the world. We should all be in constant contact, and working to one goal eliminating the Coronavirus at all cost.

Politics aside folks, that will take care of itself as time goes on, as will the economy too, if all efforts are put into beating this virus and creating a vaccine as fast as possible. We must all stay together and work as one worldwide to fight this virus and save as many lives as humanly possible. Let’s do It World, let’s do it America, let’s fight back and find a way to cure and get rid of this virus, as one human race!

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