We should be receiving, information that will help us avoid the virus !

Being sixty four and a lung cancer survivor and having a wife with stage 4 cancer, doesn’t make it easy these days under the Coronavirus pandemic. I have to try to be as careful as humanly possible to avoid contact with anyone who may have it,

How do you do so when you have to shop for food for two constantly, get food and go to doctors, for both of you? Blood Tests, Immunotherapy for her, and xgeva shot. Well, for one you do what I am doing you cut your movements and travel by half, by not attending to your own health appointments . I cut them back, to only emergencies for me, because she is in worse shape then I and my job as her husband is to keep her healthy, safe and alive.

The Coronavirus if it gets to my wife or I will more than likely kill me or her. Our immune systems are definitely compromised, the only question is how do we avoid contact with coronavirus, when people we know are ignoring it due to the voice of Trump as President, denying it as being real?

President Trump is making large mistakes telling Americans, the Coronavirus is less deadly than the Flu. He runs around saying the Flu killed more last year than coronavirus ever has, stupid ass, coronavirus just started and has twice the mortality rate of the flu. It is hitting 60 year olds and up mostly according to all reports and killing many in the elderly days of life, 80 plus. Why Trump can’t just wake up and realize he is harming Americans by talking bullshit, I don’t know, but there is nothing to be gained by it and if anything it misleads innocent americans into getting it. Thus spreading it widely across america by misinformation and lies for political purposes, is sad.

Trump believes, he can downplay the Coronavirus and then stop the Stock Market from tanking due to it, he can’t, he knows without a soaring economy he has nothing to fall back on for re-election purposes. The economy has never been Trump’s folks, it really belongs to OBama. sadly, Trump blames everything he can on his predecessor, to try to deflect blame for all he has failed at! This is a sad, sad world, that Trump lives in.

You want to see Trump’s insecurity and fears show in public, just watch his earliest press briefings on the Coronavirus. Watch his face, his deer in the headlights look when asked about it’s spread and growing numbers for victims. Watch him when he can’t answer questions concerning it and his face when one of the scientist or doctors behind him have to step up and answer the questions for him. He is at a loss as to how to handle the virus pandemic, or what to do to help americans. It’s a sad sight to see, an American President who has no idea on how to lead anything!

Everyone is now waiting to see what happens next and how soon a virus vaccine can be made.Trump can’t even understand or listen to his own medical and scientific people when they say, it will take 18 to 24 months to come up with one minimum to find one. Then you have to have it approved for human use folks through all the technical and paperwork procedures. So, Trump should be telling everyone to hunker down at home, go shopping only when needed and stay away from those who sneeze, cough period. Clean your hands constantly, and all public surfaces you touch, like door knobs, grocery cart handles, elevator buttons. Disinfect your home using products with 60 or better percentage alcohol, and your hands too. Shower daily, stay clean.

Now we come to the face mask issue, The CDC says. don’t go out and buy face masks, because the medical field personnel will need them more than you. Maybe they will need them more, but, will the masks stop the virus we are dealing with now? Some may, but most probably won’t. So, be careful which ones you buy and use, personally, I would only buy reusable ones, with filters you can clean using hot water and alcohol or a disinfectant. But, that’s my idea on masks.

Look, I served my country for 16 years and I am a Disabled American Veteran, I learn NBC in the military. Nuclear, Biological and Chemical protection is taught by the military, and it becomes ingrained in most service members by constant training. Some of us never forget it, so any advise an ex -military member gives you on fighting NBC or even viruses I would listen to. But we also need a President who can lead us and teach us how to overcome and protect ourselves from this virus.

We should be receiving, information that will help us avoid the virus. What to do to avoid the virus and what to do if we contact it. It took Trump and his team too long to come up with anything for guidance here folks. As the numbers sick from the Virus and the death toll rises, Trump still denies the virus is dangerous, he has to stop that. Too many Americans are running around not protecting themselves and repeating his bullshit lines, putting themselves at risk. How many lives will Trump be responsible for because of his lack of knowledge and his lies?

I say this because, other Presidents have had epidemics and pandemics too. They stood tall and led Americans through them with knowledge and leadership skills, Trump has yet to show. It’s a sad time in American History!.

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