We are one race, Human, we are one Planet Earth, there is no other place !

As Numbers of Coronavirus victims rise and the death toll also worldwide and here in the States, the America President and his followers for the longest time, time that could have saved many kept up their pretense of the Virus will go away by April!

A little message to those Trump Supporters, Stop calling the Coronavirus a hoax, or saying the flu is more dangerous. The Coronavirus is just starting and death tolls rise! Stop, defending Trump’s stupidity and face facts!

If Trump had reacted before it hit American shores, we would be in much better shape, instead he and his supporters who follow him denied it and lied about it until it hit close to home.

Now as americans and the world start to get infected and die, he wants top come out and try to be a hero and get attention for it, so he can be re-elected it’s sad. Look, his job is to lead and he should have done his recent moves a lot earlier than now.

In the end we can not, change the past, and no one can or will so we deal with the current crisis the best we can, eliminate as much contact as possible, isolate ourselves and try to survive. The odds are half the American Population will be infected with this virus and have to fight to survive. So, be careful, keep six feet apart, wash hands and use soap and water well, shower or bath daily. Stay away from sneezing or coughing people as much as humanly possible.

Stay home as much as possible and do not travel unless absolutely necessary. Don’t hoard folks, there are people a lot worse off than you who need food and water to survive, and medications and more. Ten add in the elderly over 80 or those over 50 who have medical conditions that make their immune systems weaker and their chances of survival less. have consideration for others folks!

We have parents and relatives who need help, help one another, no one needs ten tons of toilet paper, or 10 gallons of bottled water at one time. No one needs all the hand sanitizer either folks share, survive and help each other, get the ell off your selfish, self and lets all survive and live.

As the death tolls rise world wide from this virus, I wonder if this is the planet’s way of telling us we are overpopulated and not paying attention to the world we live on. Start realizing you can’t have 5 kids anymore and that the world needs to change, people need to drive less, change to environmentally friendly power, get off of gas and oil usages and our governments need to help with the change overs now.

In the end let me finish with this message, All Stay Safe, all help one another, the virus cares not if your young or old, it does not care where you live, what color your skin is or what country you live in. The world must support each other and work overtime to create a vaccine that will end this pandemic and save us all. So, be more polite, stop hoarding, stay in and help your family, friends and neighbors, not hurt them!

We are one race, Human, we are one Planet Earth, there is no other place that will support our species out there anywhere close by to go to. Preserve and save Earth, it’s people and lets get along and live!

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