I pray all people worldwide, can survive Coronavirus and overcome it and a vaccine to beat it comes soon!

What do we do when we are now seperated from one another socially, by the coronavirus? How do we stay sane, mentally when trapped away from the world by a virus that can kill and is killing many?

Personally, my wife and I are both immune system deficient, both of us have or had cancer or one sort or another. We can not afford to get the coronavirus, we fear it and will stay nestled in our home as much as humanly possible. That doesn’t mean we can get all we need delivered to us and dropped on our doorstep. We need to eat and drink and get to medical appointments safely also.

So, the way I am doing it for myself and my wife is, 1) She stays home as much as possible and only goes out for medical appointments like her Immunotherapy sessions, or he shots or bloodwork and scans. 2) We try to shop online using delivery to drop the groceries on our doorstep, where I gather them once the delivery comes and bring them in myself. 3) I unpack all groceries, and wipe down all I can and put them away. 3) My hands are immediately washed once I put all away. 4) I clean all surfaces where anything from outside come in and touches including mail or packages. 5) I use either sanitizer on my hands or warm water and pure soap.

Now, I have cancelled all my own medical appointments at this time for I can’t chance going to Veteran’s Hospital and contracting the Coronavirus and bringing it home to my wife. She is now 79 soon to be 80 in September and with stage 4 breast cancer that has spread to her bones.

I am 64, with a lobe and one third less of regular lungs, due to lung cancer in 2013. Neither of us needs to contract this virus in anyway. So, it is stay in unless I need to run to a store for shopping for medical supplies, or for personal products for my wife ata pharmacy. I pick up immediate needs and we go from there.

I don’t have children close by, or grandchildren either nor immediate family that can help us here at home. So I do the cooking, the cleaning and maintaining of the house, the fetching of the newspaper or mail when it is delivered. I help her shower and dress as needed. I care for myself the best I can and we go day by day, surviving and avoiding contact with anyone when out.

We have face masks we use when we go to Doctors or Medical facilities because that is where he virus will be in patients there. Now we have ordered masks online and are still waiting all of them, so each day we stay in and hope they will arrive soon.

In the meantime, we entertain each other and talk and joke and try to stay calm. We watch television on cable or Prime or CBS ALL ACCESS. We can do Netflix if we wish by joining or HUlu and such if needed.

Our computers are our pay toys for games and writing and news reading as needed. I do own X-Box One if I wish to play it and it is set up upstairs here. The Internet we keep, cable we keep and our land line through Comcast or Xfinity.

What more can we do, not much, there are games online and tv is all, we have many books we can read so we don’t go stir crazy. What else can you do when hunkered down and isolated due to a virus like Coronavirus? Not, much folks, it’s not a time to be visiting anyone or having anyone over either. So Live continues for each of us in the world who are trying to avoid a killer virus.

I tire of the deniers out there, who say well the Flu killed more last year and we have a vaccine for it. Well, now you can stop saying it, coronavirus is killing more each day worldwide and it multiplies daily. So please be safe!

It is not a hoax, it is not an attack on Trump’s Presidency or him. His lies are now responsible, for hundreds or thousands of Americans having the virus because his followers followed his words and didn’t take it seriously. It has spread now and he only got serious about it, when it came close to his family and him. IT’s too late now, he started the fight far too late an dhe defunded the CDC parts that were there to fight this pandemic type situation.

I am glad to see the National Guard, The Navy and Army stepping up and helping at home. I want all to remember, they are putting their lives at risk to help us all, respect them, listen to them and do as they tell you please.

Remember, the Medical experts, Doctors, Nurses, Nurses Aids, all are out there fighting this and helping us all stay alive, at great chances to themselves. Respect them, thank them in anyway you can, it doesn’t have to be money, a Thank you to their face is the best for them.!

In the end let me say this, I have survived a hard childhood, being separated and then returned to my immediate family as a child, I have survived abuse as a child, I have survived 16 years of Military Life that I served my country for, in three branches. I have survived bad relationships, a divorce and the loss of my two daughters, due to that divorce and lies. I can fight all of that and survive. I have survived PTSD from childhood and service years. I have survived Lung Cancer. The only question that remains for me is a simple one, am I doing enough to keep my wife and I alive? I shall do all I can, and pray for us and all out there we love and care for. I pray all people worldwide, can survive this and overcome it and a vaccine to beat it comes soon.

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