Come November 3rd, 2020, it will be up to Americans to say yes or no to Trump

Each day we wake up in 2020, we are lucky, as thousands have now died of coronavirus/ Covid -19. The Virus spreads at fast rates and attacks the human body in many ways. As Doctors and medical and Scientific experts will tell you this virus is not going anywhere folks, it is going to be around for a long time, maybe forever. There is no vaccine or miracle cure, for it, it attacks the elderly, the weak, and now the children if it reaches them. In other words the virus is not discriminating folks, it attacks all alike.

As the numbers climb in deaths and those infected with this virus, Trump sits in the White House as President, firing heads of departments left and right. His purpose should be working overtime for a decent and safe plan to open the country, that he keeps telling everyone, he wants to do. Opening the economy and country at this time may cost, more american lives than many can stand for. The Virus as I said, has no vaccine and is not going anyway, which means as more come out to use businesses and go back to work or school, the more that will get Covid-19, The numbers are increasing daily, but they will multiply now.

Americans are stubborn and overly proud people, they will not wear masks and many don’t wash daily as they should. Soap, water, sanitizer, shampoo all good for killing the virus. You need sanitizer 24/7 folks, it dries your skin out. Wipes work for surfaces of course like your car, counters, door knobs and things for touch. Keep distancing, to 6 feet apart, stay safe and healthy, stay home.

Yes I know summer is coming and the beaches will open again and more. But, I warn all, any place with large gatherings or crowd will spread the virus in someway. So I would say stay away from crowds and be careful in stores and malls too. Large crowds or strangers or people you don’t know can be taking a chance at getting Covid-19. Be careful, be safe.

As the year goe son and the virus continues to spread and be here, Trump’s cries about the economy is not really about jobs, or money, it is really about how to get r elected in November of 2020, period. The Truth is Trump has no real accomplishments as President, to really brag on now. He is counting on The economy to return to get re elected in November, he is not concerned with how many will get Covid-19 or die at all, if he was, he would have a Federal Program to fight the virus out there. He doesn’t and never has produced one so far and we are now in mid , May or 2020 and this virus came out in either NOvember or December of 2019. He refuses to listen to scientist and medical experts and when they tell him 18 month to a virus he tells americans, ity will be here by December. What will happen, honestly is the cases of Covid-19 will rise quicker now that the economy is opening back up, and more will die at a faster rate. It will be on Trump’s record and reflect back on him that he failed to act on time, nor did he come up with a plan once he did react, period, it’s a sad thing. How many americans are losing family to Covid-19, and going why? NOt being able to attend funerals and burials of your loved ones, and saying goodbye over video connections, it’s sad. IT really is, yet the Trumpers will scream you down, chase you or attack you to protect Trump, who they follow blindly an dnever examine the facts of.

Come November 3rd, 2020, it will be up to Americans to say yes or no to Trump, for another 4 years. I suggest to all, don’t repeat the mistake of 2016 please! Because in my opinion, I have a dog, who could make better decisions and who has better leadership talents and qualities then Donald J. Trump.

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