The Worst President in American History!

Why does it seem to me, that Trump, our President doesn’t care how many die from his opening up of the American economy? His soul purpose is to reopen the American Economy to get re-elected in the fall, that’s it folks. As the numbers grow and they will now that people are disregarding the virus due to Trump, the body counts will rise. As they do you need to ask yourself a question, What kind of a man and President would do this and let thousands die due to his pushing america to reopen and go back to work?

With that said, even Trumps own people are getting the virus in the White House including his Coronavirus team itself. Yet he presses on to reopen the economy, why he wants to be a hero and get reelected and his blind followers back him, go out publicly without masks and protection constantly and the death toll rises in america. All so he can get reelected. He has failed at everything he has done as president, I would never vote for him, because he is selfish, narcissistic, idiotic, telling people to drink disinfectant, come on! America made the biggest mistake it ever could in electing Trump President he is the laughing stock of the world.

As the numbers climb, Trump scrambles trying to answer reporters questions, he has no answers, so he deflects, lies and states outrageous bullshit, publicly. The truth is his followers believe him and do as he says and end up ona slab, dead and their families crying over their deaths.

Reality does not fit Trump’s world in anyway, he is lost and doing as he pleases, costing people their lives and families pain and suffering and lost. The numbers attributed to his plans and ways and orders will climb, sadly he will go down in History as the worst American President in our History.

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