Your Real Legacy !

In, life there are things no one can control, our emotions get the best of all of us at times. We tend to over express love, hate, anger, and in the end doing so gets us all in some trouble in life.

As Teens we fall for someone, and we go head over heels trying to attract their attention and to get to hold them and kiss them, and more. Some of us tend to go too far in doing so, and end up being chased out by others, or being accused of stalking, which we never really do. IT’s all a matter of degrees, when your teenager in love, so you learn to let go and move on.

When your in you next stage, your find you can love without being clingy or needed or stalking anyone. And longer term relationships start happening, For some sooner than later, but eventually it happens for most, unless you mentally or emotional ill. Many are in the world and in American Society.

By your twenties, you are now smart enough to go ok, I want this person in my life and this is what I can do to make it so, so you do it and make compromises as necessary and needed to have the one you care for close at all times. Even then it only works sometime sif your careful and work hard at it, other wise it will blow apart if jealousy or anger or outside influences come into play. Many, fail at the art of communication at this stage, while they say, they are not listened to, they also forget to listen themselves. Thus communication breaks down between the couple and there goes the relationship. For most the trial and error method of this works well and they move on to search for someone new and to start over. Some start over before the relationship really ends and people call this cheating, and it adversely affects all involved. The important point at this moment is to remember, both sides that separate made mistakes not just oe side and oth need to learn and grow from it before they can move on comfortably and find what they really seek a partner. Thus we have separations and divorces folks.

Then, when you finally and fully mature, you learn a few important facts about yourself and others. One you find out yes, you can survive on your own. Two, there is no reason to be emotionally dependent of another. Once you get those two facts down fully, then you are ready to openly communicate and listen and meet others, to attempt again. For most it is at this point we reach and find what we seek a partner that works, and a relationship no works. It, wil never be one hundred percent perfect as a relationship, none are, but it will be so well fitted, that it will work for you both and last for decades and the rest of your life.

Then once you have this stage in your life, you finally have stability, and can live a peaceful life and prosper, children get raised, homes get paid off, bills paid regularly and then your suddenly a grandparent and great grandparent. So you make plans for your demise also, will get written and plans for how you wil be buried and where you will rest for eternity. LIfe has run it’s course and all you did in life and who you affected is how you will be remembered

Your Real Legacy, folks, is each day you live and how you treat others and what you do for others, not yourself, always remember that. You get remembered for how you treat others.

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