Accept, adapt, and Relieve the Problem!

Each and every person has different ways to handle things in real life, that are either depressing, disturbing or bothersome in their lives.We all have our own coping methods, some yell, scream, rant, complain and act out. Some hide and go into isolation and quiet reflection, and others are extroverts, who can only express themselves very emotionaly.

I have witnesses all of the above in different people in my life, I have seen grown men cry openly in public, and while in Service, tears running down their faces as they still perform their duties. I have seen full grown men and women, crumble and then come back, so it is indeed a fact all of us face these moments and times. It’s how you manage or navigate them that makes you a better person or not.

Some crumble under pressure, stress, tension and peer pressure. Others don’t and will continue to move forward in life, while other end up frozen in one spot, stuck and unable to comprehend what is really happening to them.

Then we have the ones who can’t take a hint, a suggestion, or the feeling of not being wanted and they still attempt to hang on, trying to bea part of a group, club, or organization they really don’t fit into. Sadly, it happens, some think the old line, I don’t care what you say or do to me, your not making me surender or leave. Under these circumstances they become outlanders as I call them, those who sit on the outside backing at the door asking to be accepted but won’t be because they can never learn to adapt and change enough to belong and fit in.

Each of us handle situations differently in our lives, some escape into virtual worlds, on computers, some run by themselves in everyday life, some try to fit in and just can’t. We have Loners, and joiners, we have leaders and followers, and if you look closely, you can determine for yourself which you really are, but to do so, you must stop, realize what is happening to you and why and then reevaluate your self.

Personal reflection and thought many save your life, make a big difference in your life and the life of those around you, or that you are trying to fit in with. People need to step back at times and go, why don’t I fit in here with this group, why do I not feel like I belong here no matter how I try? Few stop to do this and they press forward so hard trying to belong, they end up being alienated and shunned. DOn’t go there folks, if you face the facts and don’t fit in and know it and can feel it, then get out try something new, it’s not for you. It’s that simple!

All you anger, or feelings of inadequacy will disappear once you realize, the fact. you do not belong and are in the wrong place. The fact is the sooner you realize it the less you will feel tension, stress, or be bothered by making yourself into a pretzel to fit in. Then, you learn to just be yourself and only do what you can, not what others expect you to me. IT is a lot more healthier for you as a human being, and an overall person, and our life will get better if you do.

Improvements come in many ways, physical locations, personal property, social acceptance and emotional well being, but only if you realize you can’t fit in everywhere or be where it just doesn’t work for you. The world is a large place, even now in the coronavirus era. So wake up and stop bucking the world and try to fit in where you do, not where you do not!

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