George Floyd’s death/ Protests/ Basic Truth!

George Floyd’s death at the hands of a police officer was just sad and unnecessary. He was too young to die in such a manner, and no human being deserves to die in the way he did. That’s the fact, period in this case, the man who did it is behind bars, and those who stood by and allowed it to happen, should be arrested also and charged with aiding and abetting a homicide. The fact that they have not been arrested as being complicite in it, is dead wrong. The remaining officers who stood by and did not pull the officer off of Mr. Floyd’s neck is in itself a crime and someone should pay.

I agree with all of this above, and I too, expect, these remaining officers who did not stop the one that killed George Floyd to be charged, why they have not been is the question at this time. The protests that have erupted across America, will continue, unless some action is taken to give justice to George Floyd’s family and to show what all of these officers did was dead wrong.

Now all of the above said, lets talk about these protests across the country. Protesting is a legal right and so is freedom or speech in America. I don’t disagree with protests, they have been in America since it began. Yet, the right to protest is one thing, there is no right to loot, deface and attack people, it is not protesting! It’s committing a crime in doing the acts of looting, defacing and attacking others on the streets. No one has the right in America to attack other people on the streets or anywhere else, stop it people. Stop defacing property, stop, looting stores and stealing whats not yours, and keep you damn hands off, of innocent people.

America is still the best country in the world, because of the laws of our land, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Don’t breech what was and is established and destroy the country, please. I don’t care if your white, black, yellow, or any other shade of color, we are all the same under the same laws of this land. Few, stop and think, about what I am about to say here.

We are human beings, and all of us deserve equal treatment, decency and morality and ethics that are fair to all. We all are born the same way, we all breathe, we all cry, we all laugh and yes we all bleed red. We are all human beings, no matter color, race, or creed. Humanity is all of us, and the pigmentation of our skin means nothing, it’s the person in the body that counts.

I grew up in a city, where all lived together, I grew up with blacks, whites, hispanics and asians. I saw all kinds laugh, love, cry, go hungry and struggle to survive in the projects here. We are all human and should all be treated the same period. We all live, we all die, and in the end, we are all remembered after we die, for how we interact with others and what we do for each other.

I care not what the color of one’s skin is, I do care how you treat me and I treat you, and that folks, is what we will be remembered for, after we are gone, from this planet. That is what a legacy is folks, it’s what you do in your life, and with your life that counts, people will remember, if you were fair to all, they will remember you for how you treated others, period. Never forget in all you do, you are watched.

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