America is now, in the saddest shape in it’s 244 year history

Across America, Racial Violence has now grown to large proportions, in major cities, the unrest is now major and may soon involve the use of Military Force to control. If we get to that point, ladies and gentlemen, we will have become a military dictatorship, run by a President who is a racist, bigot, and in my opinion, a lost cause.

We need leadership, and not just someone standing up and spouting bullshit to the American people, real leadership involves many qualities sadly missing in President Donald Trump!

He has no empathy, he has no feelings for anyone but himself as he strikes out against social media, against anyone who states the Coronavirus is real and that it is killing hundred of thousands of people. He shows no ability to lead the America people away from violence, sickness and death that is happening now. He is lost in his own little world, having fun at the expense of the American People, as people die and get sick, and racial riots erupt, where is the American President?

As he worries only about himself, America suffers, as the Nation suffers the highest coronavirus death rate on the planet and it spreads like wildfires, he still preaches open the country back up we need an a economy, why, because without an economy he has nothing he can get reelected on!. He wants all America back at work and in churches as a pandemic rages and kills people, but pushing for it to happen, he is now responsible for more deaths than any President in american History. He refused to acknowledge all that is happening and just is pushing for his own reelection sadly.

The Coronavirus rages on, no vaccine exists ladies and gentlemen, please stop and think of what that means! It means there is no stopping a virus that knows not color, age, race, nationality, it knows only one thing expansion of itself, and will infect any human being it can period. I have watched as my newspaper Obituary Pages have grown each each first from one page to two, then to three, then to four and then five. Deaths are multiplying because people listen to Trump or follow his example. IT’s sad, he should be wearing a mask, he should be standing tall leading Americans to stay safe and healthy, instead he is not wearing a mask and telling everyone he doesn’t need to. Wrong.

Now as violence grows across the land over a senseless death of an African American Man, from idiotic and stupid policemen, he says nothing except, violence will beget violence! He thinks the solution is to let bullets fly and more people die, it’s not! We need real leadership, someone who can tell African Americans and the Nation as a whole that Justice will happen! Not foolish rhetoric and stupidity, Americans are dying, people are being mistreated and violence rises because we have no real leader in the White House. Arrest the three remaining Police Officers who stood by and allowed this to happen they are just as guilty as the one currently in jail. Show the American African People in America they count and are heard and justice comes for all, not just them.

America is now is in the saddest shape, in it’s 244 year history and led by a person who has no business running a business never mind the country! We need A Leader, we need leadership, guidance, empathy, we need someone who won’t withdraw us from the world, someone who will unite, not divide!. We don’t need Donald John Trump, let him go play Golf in Isolation, once out of office!

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