Vote Trump Out!

June 2020 has arrived and started even before I realized it, because my life, even though I am like all cooped up in a home, on purpose, due to the coronavirus, I have a wife, with Stage 4 Breast Cancer, I care for daily.

While, I try to maintain a home, a wife, two cats and myself, the coronavirus rages across the world, the protests over police killing a black man rage on and a President who should never have been elected continues his disasterious four years in Office.

Many may be like me, struggling to get by, money wise, hoping to keep a loved one alive and taking chances not needed to do it all. But, to survive one has to go out to shop to eat, one has to take a cancer riden wife to Hospitals and Tests and yes, Doctors. My life is no mystery to those who know me, for I have spent a life taking care of others in one way or another.

So, to see 2020, now reach it’s halfway point, and the world practically going up in flames and disease is sad for me. I survived many things inmy 64 years on this planet but nothing like the chaotic Trump Years period. I saw, Kennedy killed, Johnson take over, Nixon and Watergate, and so much more, but no one or nothing like Trump, everything he touches dies or is destroyed. It’s sad.

I have survived 199 seizures, Attention Deficit Disorder, and Hyper Activity, I survived childhood beatings that were horrific, and 16 years of Military Service, plus Lung Cancer. I never once thought in my 64 years, I would live to see a United States, in such a mess.

Hundreds of Thousands Dead from The Coronavirus Pandemic, Police in our streets beating choking to death people with their knees on their throats. Anger from all sides hitting the streets, police departments being asked to disband and be defunded? We have enough of a problem in America with crimes, unlawfulness and more, you kill police forces and departments and unfund them and you will kill any chance of a lawful society in America. We might as well, head back to the days of the cave men and women and carry clubs to defend ourselves. It’s a sad state to find the once most powerful nation in the world in.

My Plea to all Across America is this: Please refrain from Violence first and foremost, Secondly do all of the world and yourself and your fellow mankind a favor, wear masks in public places, stay out of large crowds, and wash hands and bodies daily.

Remember, the color of one’s skin means nothing, Black, White, Yellow, does not matter, a pigminatation does not determine who the individual is. I have black friends, and even hav had black lovers and I am white, so listen to me. We all breathe the same air, we all have the same wants. needs, desires and we all bleed red folks. We all the same rights, to freedom, education and to survive and that includes jobs and equal income and all. I will say, I was surprised as a child when I saw my first black person, but I adapted and made great friends with their whole family. Humanity, kindness, decency and the fact we are all human is here and we should remember it at all times. We all have emotions, we all want the same thing to live in peace and have a full happy life.

The clock is ticking on humanity and the planet we are destroying is changing also due to climate change and out polluting it also, We have crisis after crisis to face, and to get human kind through, we should be doing it as one race, the human race, not as separate entities trying to kill one another. IT’s sad to see it in out world period.

I don’t care what Trump says, don’t follow his crap anymore!. Someone should inform him, just because you build a fence around the White House, it won’t stop his removal once he is voted out. Trump must go, so America can return to decent times, so America can recover from his term in office, we need a Leader, not a divider, who spreeds hate and fear. Vote Trump Out!

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