For America to survive and flourish, Trump must go!

Americans, seem to be the most selfish people in the world these days. When I grew up in the 1960’s and 1970’s, Americans were more friendly, helpful and in it all together. Now, it has become a society of me, me, me and screw you.

As many Americans will tell you, They all say it, I got mine, Get your own! IT’s pretty sad how very few care about anyone else or anything else but themselves and of course their own famililies.

You see very few, who stop and help others in need these days, and few who stop to thank Veterans, or medical People or even the Police, in anyway. Even the Fire Departments these days struggle to get noticed or thanked.

We should be thanking the Medical personnel who work daily to stop the coronavirus and be grateful we have them doing the work that puts their own lives in jeopardy. Instead, people tend to criticize all they see and get pushy and demanding and just want what they want, and dont care how anyone else is or what they may need.

I know the racial tensions are out there, we all have lived with them for centuries now, and yes they are wrong I agree and should be corrected. and I am sure action is being taken on the police violence and mistreatment of blacks. hispanics and more these days. The focus has been on it now for weeks due to George Floyd’s death, at the hands of a Police Officer. All four have now been arrested and charged and Justice must take place I agree and should indeed.

But while George Floyd’s death is a tragedy, and the police force is misuse and outright brutality is gross and needs fixed, do we really want to disband and unfund Police departments? How about retraining them, and teaching them different methods of restraint? If you eliminate the Police departments, crime wil run rampant folks, and there will be nothing to stop violence, robberies and thefts and murder.

This is just my opinion folks so please don’t go crazy on me. I am just saying we need Law and Order in The United States, ok, what form it takes and how it operates needs to be addressed for sure.

That said, let’s talk another big issue here. the coronavirsus (Covid-19) Pandemic. It is not disappearing folks and it won’t anytime soon, the only way to beat a virus is with a vaccine. Rushing a vaccine won’t work either, the vaccine has to work, it must be safe for humans and be properly created and dispursed to the public, in an orderly manner. Any less will not work folks, as the numbers rise in deaths and cases each day, between the protests on the streets, Trump’s push to reopen the country for political reasons to get reelected, the caskets are piling up. How many Americans have to die for people to get this, the coronavirus will not disappear on it’s own, nor will it stop infecting or killing people, if precautions are not followed. There have been many distractions thrown up and brought up over the the two main issues, most important now in America.

First Issue- is Address the Pandemic, get a vaccine and do it correctly.

Second Issue is Address the racial tensions in an America, That has a bigot for a President. Remove Trump.

Third Issue- The Police Brutality against blacks and hispanics and more. Retrain the cops folks

Fourth Issue and maybe the biggest, and most important, The November Presidential Elections. Donald J, Trump must go. We need a fair and just President who cares more about the American People and the world then himself and his reelection. Never in America’s 244 years as a country, has America ever had a more selfish, arrogant, sad President. Trump must go folks, I have seen his die hard supporters still backing him and I say this to them, Do you like having family members dying, do you like being broke, out of work, do you like being in a recession? Do you really believe Trump can fix anything he hasn’t, his only achievement is a Conservative Supreme Court, and that won’t save America.

Before you come out with you MAGA Hats and bullshit speeches, you Trump Supporters should look closer at his failures, his destructive behaviors and responses. His failures far outweigh anything he has done, in his time in Office. We need a President who Unites, not divides, we need a President with Empathy, with care, with thoughts and the ability to listen to his or her advisers. Not a Bull Headed so Called Tough Guy, who thinks he is a Mobster Boss.

Vote Trump Out, come November 3rd, do it by mail in ballot or in person wearing a mask. But Trump can not stay another four years, it will now take us twenty years to recover from all that has happened. He has made himself richer and his crony friends too at the common American’s expense. Trump must go, a con man and bullshit artist should never have been elected President. For America to survive and flourish, Trump must go!

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