What kind of an American President leads his followers to the slaughter by holding political rallies during a pandemic?

Let’s talk logic, common sense, and survival.

I say first logic; you have a virus in the air and being spread about by contact, breathing, and closeness to other human beings! So, isn’t it logic since you have no way to know who is a symptomatic and carrying said virus to stay away from other people as much as humanly possible?

Common Sense goes hand in hand with logic folks! Common sense says, oh shit there’s a virus, it’s killing people left and right, the body bags are piling up , the hospitals are filling again and the numbers are climbing. It says to stop the deaths and continued growth and spreading of said virus we take measures and stick to them. So Why, are people not listening to common sense. Why are we not using common sense, and social distancing and wearing masks and wash hands and face and bodies to kill it?

Survival, as stubborn as mankind has been in the past, we have always come around to what will preserve our lives and human kind. Why are we being ignorant now and not paying attention to the medical and scientific experts? Many prefer to follow Donald Trump’s examples, and not wear masks, and not social distancing, and go to political rallies, why? Someone, tell me, when will it stop, how many more must die, for Americans and Humans worldwide to get it? America now sits at over 124,000 dead from Coronavirus and cases of Coronavirus rising by hundreds and thousands in many states. Now, the American President is holding public rallies in stadiums and attracting thousands who are now passing the virus to one another. by not social distancing or wearing facial masks, why?

Let me say this to all who so badly want to believe in and support the current President of the United States. Why are you doing this? Tell me something, do you have Logic, Common Sense and a Survival Instinct, or are you just sheep being led to slaughter here? A virus doesn’t care if you are Democratic, Republican, Independent, White, Black or Oriental. It only cares what it can feed on and that is humanity and ignorance and without a vaccine it is doing just that.

Research is on to create such a vaccine for covid-19 we all know this, yet we rush out and the virus spreads left and right and more get sick and die. Tell me this folks will you get logical, grow common sense, and act for survival, when the virus hits a family member of yours and your forced to say goodbye and bury them? Will you wake up when you have to say goodbye to a family member by video coverage of their cremation or burial? When will you people wake up out there, death is staring you in the face and you ignore that fact and the precautions, put out by the people who fight it daily, weekly and yes yearly? Sadly, The coronavirus is winning folks, not you or I, but a virus is winning against human kind! Do you understand that, and the more you run around mask less, and don’t social distance, you encourage it, and cause it to multiply and spread beyond measure.

Hello humanity, hello Americans, Hello World, the only way to beat a virus is to find a vaccine for it. Is That clear to you yet, let the medical and scientific people lead the way, do their research and try to curb it and listen to them! No, Vaccine was created overnight, Polio took 5 years folks, stop, listen and survive or the next body bag that fills could be one with your family member, loved one or you in it.

Cornonavirus is real, it’s deadly and there is no escaping or avoiding it folks. Only one solution exists, find the vaccine, period!

Politicians of both parties should be united to fight the virus, not each other. An American President holding rallies for political purposes is just wrong at this time. It shows beyond a reasonable doubt that all President Trump cares about is being re-elected not you or me! We need a President who cares, has empathy, has morals, has ethics and shows he cares!. Trump is failing in Leadership period and has zero accomplishments to his credit. I know, people say he built an economy, it’s a recession folks wake up, I know people say he made the Supreme Court all Conservative, who cares they still voted against him lately didnt they? Did he accomplish building his wall and having Mexico pay for it, no! Did he stop Kim Jung UN and the nuclear missles being built, no, he failed. He failed to stand up to Putin and tell him to srtay the hell out of our elections, the an isa failure in all he does. What kind of an American President leads his followers to the slaughter by holding political rallies during a pandemic?

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