Remove the stain of Trumpism from America History!

As we look forward to November 3rd, 2020, we have to realize the election is not over folks, our next President could end up being the one we already have, or it could be Joe Biden. We have to use logic; we have to use common sense and we have to understand America is in trouble, period.

America’s economy is dead, we are in a recession; the coronavirus is killing more each day and spreading again rapidly. So where do we go from here, that’s the actual question, isn’t it?

We have racial unrest and police brutality; we have anger between races, protests in our streets, and foolish, uneducated individuals who don’t want to believe in science and medical advice. We have people who blindly follow a President who does not understand what he is doing and who is incompetent! So what does America do next, that is the major question now isn’t it?

America can stay the course and keep Trump come November 3rd, 2020, watch itself as a nation fall further behind the leaders in the world and laughed at more. The World Leaders want nothing to do with Trump or America, they see Trump coming, they laugh at him and all the bullshit he speaks. They know a fool when they see one.

America right now is not the leader it was and may have to take not years but decades to rebuild its reputation and standing in the world order. As more Americans die from the coronavirus, we still do not have a leader who will do what is necessary to control and prevent the spread of the virus. Nor will he set an example for the nation and social distance and wear a mask either. That’s not leadership, that’s pure foolishness!

120,000 Americans, dead and counting, is not the time to kill the Coronavirus Team or anything to do with fighting the virus. It is time to enforce strict social distancing, hand washing, and the wearing of facial coverings. Instead, we have an American President who is too vain to wear a face mask, and who holding rallies to get re-elected, pulling people into close crowds, with no masks or social distancing and spreading the virus and not caring. And Trump Supporters show up at these rallies with no masks, pack in and then unknowingly take the virus home with them, spreading it further in America. Why and so damn sad if you ask me!

That said, let’s talk about the upcoming Election in November 2020. Do you, as a responsible American Adult Citizen, really want four more years of total failure? The Economy, tanked, recession is here, people are dying left and right from the virus, jobs were not brought back to America from overseas as promised. He failed in getting the wall built on America’s Southern Border. He tried to take the money from the military to build his wall and failed there too. Then Trump gave North Korea’s Kim Jong Un just what he wanted a seat at the world’s table and failed to stop his Nuclear Build-up and Kim Jong Un laughs at Trump and America. Now where are accomplishments that count for the American People and this country from Trump or his Administration?

There is no concrete accomplishments folks period, it’s a sad joke to even try to find any. There have been no accomplishments. With one exception, he made the Supreme Court Conservative and then it voted against him on two counts already. So that didn’t work for him either. He killed Obama Care and left millions of Americans with no Health Insurance or coverage of any kind. Now when you need it more than ever, you have none of what so ever and medical costs still rise. Those are not victory folks, it’s complete and utter failure on Trump’s part. So where are his accomplishments, what has he done in his four-year term as President?

He has accomplished a tax change in the laws to benefit himself and his cronies is all. They get more money and pay fewer taxes, period. There is nothing else he has done that is constructive, or useful to the common American citizen. He fails at every turn he takes. He doesn’t deserve a second term as President of the United States and he has torn the country down enough! It’s time to make him go home!

As the protest over Police Violence continue and people wonder where to get food from and how to stay alive, The President of the United States eats just fine on our dollar and has health care coverage up his ass, provided by us, but the American People don’t! He doesn’t work to stop the spread of Coronavirus or use safety procedures to do so. He instead goes out and holds rallies for his reelection and encourages the spread of the virus so more will die. Sad!

Here is a good one to consider and one that will show you how much of a hypocrite Trump is, he opposes Mail in Voting for all, but does it himself! Now that’s just a hypocrite for sure. He’s racist, prejudiced and discriminating. Yet, his backers and loyal followers show up waving signs and wearing red hats at rallies. Why? What is their reasoning, I don’t think anyone will understand them or they don’t understand themselves? Sad !

Do us all a favor folks, don’t battle Trump or his supporters on the streets or at election rallies, fight back come November 3rd, 2020, Vote Trump Out! Remove the stain of Trumpism from America History!

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