Professional Sports should be a no at this time!

Professional Sports has fans all over the world, Major League Baseball, The NFL, The NHL, The NBA and more. While we miss these sports in the coronavirus’s time, we must also realize these are human beings who can catch this virus. I know we all miss Professional Sports, it’s entertaining factor, it chasing of records and its fabulous plays and moments. But, I have to ask, should the Owners and Organizers of these sports seriously be thinking of restarting them in the current conditions? I say no!

I love professional sports; I am a Red Sox Fan; I love the NFl; I am a Vikings fan; I love the NBA; I am a Celtics fan. These are my favorite sports to watch, others love Golf, Tennis and more and the Olympics too. Should these athletes have to be exposed, to the virus just to entertain us? I say no. The health risk to each member or player of these sports and franchises, are human and susceptible to dying from Covid-19. Lets face the facts rushing these professional sports to restart in the time of coronavirus or rushing them back may indeed, take the lives of some of these sports players and heros.

I miss Sports as much as the next fan out there. Yet, do I want to see it bad enough to feel responsible for these players and teammates to get the virus and die? I say no, it should be, at a later date, with far less risk after we find a vaccine. That said, major league sports and the athletes have an excellent reason not to resume playing. NOt to mention filling stadiums or fields, or any arena with spectators would be foolish, not allow for social distancing or guarantee it, and there is no way to enforce wearing masks or washing hands, world-wide folks. We must do this individually and by each person period. Sadly, too many are not listening to reason, and scientific and medical facts, so cities tried to open early and now more will die and get the virus. Isn’t it time for all of us to listen, get masks, sanitize our hands, take showers daily or baths, social distance and stay alive and virus free.The risk far outweighs the benefits of us all being entertained, period.

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