Tell me America, are you now glad you Elected a Failed Businessman and TV Show Host as President?

There are many old saying out there, some true, some not, it seems. But, one that always seems to me to come back like a dreadful penny is, a criminal always returns to the scene of his crimes.

A second that gets me all the time is, watch what you say or do, someone is always watching you. Both sayings seem to hold water and not change in truth, or in lasting time.

A few more things to consider, like how people accept or don’t accept apologies, in life from those who make mistakes. All of us are human beings, we all make mistakes, some of us more serious or less serious than others. Mistakes are the way we learn and the world moves ahead, believe it or not. Mistakes have brough us cures, made what we well by creating inventions and devices and more. Mistakes my friends create solutions. So it is no sad fact at all that mistakes happen, whether they be emotional or physical or any other type. It’s what you do once you make a mistake and how you handle it or fix it, that counts is it not?

In recent times and days, many mistakes are being made in major ways by world leaders and state leaders in America. Like the recent reopening of the American Economy. IT should never have happened now the coronavirus is spreading ten times faster, deaths are rising, and it was a failure. So, who is responsible for this uptick and these deaths happening today? Here in America, the problem and the results belong to one man, President Donald Trump. He failed to stop it entering America; he failed to keep it contained here in America. And last but not least, he came out forcing states to open up the economy again, and causing massive spreads and killing more people. For what reason, his reelection is all. Now the American Economy he relied on for his reelection campaign is done, he has zero accomplishments and nothing to run on. It is a sad sight to see.

Now, America must go back and shut down again, it will deepen the recession, take longer to recover, and do more damages to small and medium businesses in the country. The company already feel the pain and suffering from it all and many are grinding to a halt. Where do Americans turn next for Health Care, for food, for housing and more? Tell me America, are you now glad you Elected a Failed Businessman and TV Show Host as President?

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