11/22/63 On Amazon Prime

11/22/63- The day John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dealey Plaza, in Dallas, Texas. It changed American history and the direction of the world. Now, I sat in a classroom in Elementary School at the time it happened and the teacher had brought in a small portable television set so we could watch the President in Dallas that day. We were shock, in awe and unbelieving of what just happened, as we watched over live television.

Over the past couple of nights, I watched Amazon Prime, and watched the show 11/22/63 based on the book by Stephen King. The show portrays a chance to change history by one man returning to 1960 and changing history by saving John F. Kennedy. It has two sides to it. It was quite a concept by Stephen King to fabricate the story and facts interwoven in the story in such a way. I enjoyed it, for the movie gave some history and then a look at what happens if mankind could mess with history and by time travel.

I personally started my investigation as a child, and it grew into a full-blown one over the years. I read every article, book I could find and even went over everything I can find on the internet regarding it in current days. The people involved that most wonder about, Lee Harvey Oswald, Jack Ruby, James Hosty, and more are all interesting characters of the time. Each has a part of the story, so many conspiracy theories come up. Did the Cia kill Kennedy? Did Cuba or Russia have a part in it all? Was Lyndon B. Johnson behind it? Was Oswald controlled by anyone? Was there more than one shooter and how many shots were fired that day? The questions left over from the Warren Report were huge and never fully answered. So we ended up with two more reports over the years that followed it all up. Each of these recent investigations did find conspiracy behind Kennedy’s assassination existed. Amazingly, yet the government does not come out and say who really is behind it all. Why I guess we shall never know, Cuba was mentioned due to Castro, The Bay of Pigs. Many of the theories were not in King’s book, or this movie though.

The show 11/22/63, tells us messing with time, trying to change it affects too many things in the timeline and screws up what happened in a bad way. So the hero goes back and resets it, for obvious reasons, Harry, Sadie and the world. It becomes an interesting show as it ticks down to the assassination and then afterwards. The things he finds happened after he saves Kennedy, and the reality, doesn’t work. So he must reset it.

11/22/63 has a moral story line, it also has a love story in it. So, if you have time, and need something to watch and you have Amazon Prime, give it a look. My wife had fun and enjoyed it somewhat.

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