Don’t Re-elect Donald J. Trump!

Moving on….

Time for a different subject. I tire of the previous one. Politics is always a major subject in America. politics is now being combined with the Coronavirus, and to do that well it’s just wrong. As all Americans should know, politics is definitely one subject and the pandemic a second, yet President Donald J. Trump, combines both and lies to the American people about both.

He declared the Coronavirus as being done, or not serious, yet the death numbers raise in the world and across America as a nation. He has screwed up anything and everything he touches, but nothing more so than the pandemic that is happening. You can’t fight a pandemic if you refuse to acknowledge it or act to slow it down or control it. Inaction and denial is definitely not the way to go.

The number of cases in America and the Death Toll is staggering folks. Yet Donald J. Trump refuses to do a damn thing about it the Doctors and scientist are working overtime trying to create a vaccine. Yet, the American President refused to wear a mask or do social Distancing until his visit to the Veteran’s Hospital. Being a Veteran myself I know why he wore a mask in Walter Reed Hospital, he had no choice. It is mandatory by law.

The following numbers of coronavirus in America is not fake folks, it’s real wake up!

3.29 Million cases confirmed and 137 thousand deaths in the United States. Worldwide 12.5 million cases worldwide. Now does that sound to you like the virus is going away or is under control?

Sadly, President Trump does not get it or want to get it. His only purpose is to get reelected come November 3rd. 2020. His own protection, Secret Service agents go down with the virus he just asks for new ones. His staff at the White House gets it just to isolate them, keep them away from me, is his answer. He is living in a bubble of protection, in the White House for sure. Reality does not reach this man, does it?

Sadly, the coronavirus has no vaccine, no cure and is live and will only get worse according to experts as we hit the fall and winter months in America. The Doctors and scientist are correct the only way to break its pattern and stop the spread is to wear masks and to distance from others. No one can tell, who has it, it starts asymptomatic. People walk around with it not knowing they have it till later, children are carrying it folks. So, an innocent child playing or walking by you may be a carrier. IT has begun to hit all ages, in all countries, nationalities mean nothing, location means nothing, and I guess President Trump isn’t worried, or concerned he has no national plan to fight it. I can go on, why? No matter what is said, about this subject will change President Trump’s mind or make him react.

Let’s say this, as the days and weeks and months tick by, the virus will spread and the death tolls will rise, and President Trump will be holding public rallies. I know for myself I would never attend one, in the coronavirus era we are in, and I am hoping many won’t either. For every time you attend one with no masks being used, or no social distancing, you take a high percentage you will get the virus, which spreads not just by contact, by air as well. All you Trump loyal supporters can support him all you want, and I don’t hate you for it, I disagree with you, but, please listen, you don’t need this virus it kills. I may have differenced with President Trump and his supporters politically and not want him reelected, but I do not wish anyone to come down with the coronavirus period, not even my worse enemies.

Onward life must continue is all I can say. Life is a struggle enough to survive these days. I have enough worries and so does the everyday man and woman in the world. We all have family, we all have medical problems, financial woes, bills to pay and more.

Some have additional problems including me, I have dealt all my life with things from childhood and more. I can list them, but why, when the major ones will never be told or said out loud. But to show what I mean, it starts with PTSD from both childhood and military life. It goes on, to back injuries from the service, surviving lung cancer and having to take care of cancer patients to watching them die from it. An addition of an American President without morals, ethics and empathy, or brains enough to see this pandemic makes matters worse. The country is in a recession, people struggling to survive, to eat and keep a roof over their family’s heads. Trump believes the world centers around him is all, for he has always been the blessed rich kid daddy gave his fortune to. He is a spoiled rich kid with some serious sociopath problems, who got elected to the White House. Just read the books on him, his behaviors, and even his own niece knows it and tells us all. I don’t need it, don’t want to hear it and just want an America that is led, by decency, brains and smarts enough to feed and get jobs for it’s people. One that can make logical choices and one who listens to advisors and doctors and science not just doing as he pleases.

Don’t Re-elect Donald J. Trump!

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