We are now at over 147,000 Americans dead from Coronavirus, isn’t it time we wake up to Trump’s failures on these issues?

It is time to ask some questions, we are on July 27th, 2020. So some things must be faced and faced with reality and a clear vision, for the world and America’s future here.

Let’s talk coronavirus first and foremost since it is dominating the world and people are dying daily in the thousands range. Where did the virus originate? What caused it or created it? How did it grow and spread so fast and why, what conditions keep it spreading? Then we have to face the ultimate question, what kills this virus, a vaccine is more than likely the choice here, and how long will it take to develop a safe one for all humanity?

In the past a vaccine that works, took up to four or five years to discover. Will it take that amount of time and how many will die? As the numbers of cases and deaths rise, how will humanity react?

Trump has failed at the whole affair concerning the virus and how it is handled. Period!

The Economy, is next, it’s in the pits and only going to get worse as the virus rages, and people can’t work. IT is another trump failure anyway if you look at it, he inherited it from Obama and it was on top and rising, since he entered office he has killed it one step at a time, till the virus came and murdered it big time.

Hi so called wall between Mexico and America nad having the mexicans pay for it Failure! You can’t fix 600 mile sof wall and paint it and hang a sign saying President Trump built this and call it complete, Failure folks.

Kim Jong Un and North Korea and the missiles, he failed to negotiate the nuclear build-up by North Korea big time. He gave Kim Jung Un a seat at the big table world-wide, by meeting with him. Each meeting went worse than the first. Sadly, we now have another country with Nukes to watch over.

He pulled us from organizations he has no business doing.

Now the virus rages, and trump wants American children to return to schools and classrooms, the are like incubators for the virus. We know not how these children will be, will they be safr, will they spread the virus, will they be carriers of it, how will it affect the health of our children when they get the virus, what are the long care effects?

If Americans don’t get what I am saying then they are either blind or foolish really. Blind followers, followed Charles Manson, they followed Jim Jones, and died or people were killed, how do you awaken blind Trump followers? Simple le some of them catch the virus and watch how fast their votes will change then, or let their children get the virus and see if they support Trump’s views on it then. Once it hits home to your family, your opinions change fast. Is that what it will take, for Trump followers to get the message? We are now at over 147,000 Americans dead from Coronavirus, isn’t it time we wake up to Trump’s failures on these issues?

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