November 3rd, 2020,the Worst President in American History must be voted out!

Question for all parents out there, how much do you love your own children? Are you going to send them to school, just because Trump says you must to open the country? As Coronavirus surges and comes and goes at it’s own steady pace, are American parents, going to roll the dice and gamble with their own children’s lives?

The Coronavirus does best in closed enclosures, and schools are like the best growing grounds for such a virus. It’s the perfect environment for coronavirus and now Trump and his Administration want Americans to send their children into it all. Don’t you think it’s a wrong thing to do to your child?

Children can be home schooled over computers, as to social interaction, if the have siblings they will be fine, to play with other kids, they would do so virtually, as necessary. Do we have any idea first off, how a child reacts to the coronavirus or how they carry it and spread the infection? How much resistance do they have to the virus and how does it affect them in the long run?

So many questions abound regarding coronavirus and its effects on children and we do already have recorded deaths of children from it. So, Trump and his administration want to pack children back into classrooms like sardines in a can and tell you the kids will be fine! How come I don’t buy his logic?

As the deaths, rise and the cases too, we must wonder how long will it take to create a vaccine that is strong enough to stop the virus, and keep humans safe. As past tests and creations of vaccine have shown it takes years not months to perfect one, so why are we rushing and getting more people infected and watching more people die from this virus?

Logic and common sense, and medical and scientific evidence and personnel, will tell you sending children to school is like leading them into a death trap. So why would Americans do this to their children?

On top of this, professional sports is trying to return to life and as it does, Major League Baseball ends up with coronavirus positive results in it;s first week or trying to return, Then, the NFL starts it’s training camps and they have players and coaches get his with the virus too. Professional sports should not return ay this time! I said it before and I’ll say it again, no professional sport should start up again period.

In America, we now are heading towards an election come November 3rd, 2020. A Major election is is what we are facing next. If you like a raging virus, a recession, health insurance being cut, no benefits for the unemployed, and a President who lies about all he says well, stay the course.

If you, want changes, someone who will fight the virus and tell you how to survive it, who will help employment numbers, work to get you health insurance back and not lie to you vote Trump out, Vote for Joe Biden for President.

Now, I can say this regarding the coming election, no one can guarantee what will really happen with all that is going on right now. I can say this though, why would anyone want to keep a President who is the worst President in the United States’s 244 year history. He divides, he is a racist, he is a bigot, he cares not about you or I, he cares for his rich buddies and himself only. He has zero empathy, or care for anyone but himself. His decisions have failed America in all ways, from the economy, to health insurance, to pulling us from World Organizations, and so much more. He has failed in foreign policies and negotiations too, allowing North Korea and Kim Jung Un to make his Nukes. He gets pushed around by Putin and much more. So, where is an American President who can lead? Trump is definitely not one, in my opinion! Is he in yours and if so, please tell me where he has accomplished anything for America or it’s people and what it is. I see zero accomplishment, a narcist, and a man who only wants four more years for no reasons. Send Donald Trump home ot his new Florida Estate, so he can play golf all he wants and disappear from public life!

November 3rd, 2020, wil be a big day in American History, for the Worst President in American History must be voted out!

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