Throw him out of the Presidency, Trump must go!

Sad facts regarding President Donald J. Trump are everywhere! This President should have been removed from Office when he was Impeached, yet the Republicans worked overtime to keep him in Office, sad.

The Latest is a Bi-Partisan Committee finds Trump’s campaign colluded with and helped the Russians, interfere in the 2016 Election, so he could beat Hillary Clinton. There is no doubt to it now folks, for the results come from a Republican led Bi_Partisan, Senate Committee. Hillary, Rodham Clinton told us all the truth on the debate stage that night when she looked at Trump and called him Putin’s Puppet, it’s true folks.

Trump failed at so many things it is sad to see. He has driven America into the ground doing Putin’s bidding. We are no longer the world’s best or biggest superpower looked up to anymore. No, time in American history has an American President been laughed at so much on the National Stage worldwide. He got Laughed at in The United Nations for God’s sake, wake up folks. Presidents Merkel and Macron laughed at him publicly and spoke about how big of a joke Trump is publicly. Sad.

Trump failed in North Korea to stop Kim Jung Un from building more Nukes, and North Korea laughs at him, and keeps building Nukes. But Trump was dumb enough to go to North Korea and have a sit down with Kim Jung UN and give him a seat at the big table of the world. SAD!

Trump Failed to build and complete the wall on the southern border between us and Mexico and Mexico told him, pay for it yourself. So what did he do, he tried to steal the money from The American Military, and got caught doing so. End result folks, he built six hundred miles of fence, painted it and put a plaque on it saying Built by President Donald J, Trump. Incomplete, failed, and a mess someone will have to clean up. Sad!

Trump damaged and tried to destroy and is still trying to destroy The ACS or OBama-Care, he damaged it and tried to take health insurance from people who need it. Failed the ACA is still the law and he never came up with a replacement plan for healthcare for all at all. Failure folks, Sad!

Trump was handed an economy, that was roaring and killed it, Have you noticed we are in a recession folks, jobs are gone, people are out of work, they are ill, and a virus rages. Failure, sad!

Trump could have stopped the coronavirus, he failed to do so now it has killed over 172,000 Americans. He refuses to listen to medical and scientific experts, he won’t wear a mask, he won’t mandate mask wearing or social distance either. Over a thousand Americans a day die from Covid-19 and he refuses to act. Failure, Sad!

I could go on folks, President Donald Trump wants you to send all your children back to school this month or next. There is no vaccine for covid-19 and he claims your children can handle the virus. They can carry it and pass it on to you when they come home, or worse get it, suffer and maybe die. Do you really want to take the chance with your own child’s life? I wouldn’t folks, just so Donald J. Trump the carnival barker, Apprentice Host and failed Businessman can have a second term as President. Sad!

Donald J. Trump is racist, a bigot, a narcissist, in far too deep over his head and like Michelle Obama just said, it is what it is! He will never be a decent President or man, it’s not in him. He has no morals, no ethics, no caring about anyone else except himself. He will put America at risk for his own personal pleasure and advancement and has already. He has proven that time and again!.

Do me a favor America, get your Mail in Ballots, help the Post Office survive, stop Trump from controlling your right to vote! Make him put back the mail boxes and sorting machines, have Congress fund the Post Offices, and Vote Trump Out! Never in American History has a President ever been so outright illegal and open about it, Stop Trump Now! Throw him out of the Presidency, Trump must go!

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