Say no to Trump and his desperation America!

Some Trump supporters and Trump himself, have an idea in their heads that if Trump loses the November, 3rd election, he will try to stay in the White House. It can’t and won’t happen in America, we are not a dictatorship or communist country.

The Duly Elected President will have Trump forcefully removed if he loses and refuses to leave Office. That will be, the Military and The Secret Service and CIA and more. The constitution and the forefathers made it a four year term for a reason. Think of how great it will look for the Trump Presidency to end with him being escorted out of the White House or jailed, what a sight that will be! Imagine, he would be the first President in American History to stop a peaceful transition of power in American History! What a legacy that would be in the History of America, The 45th President is and would be the worst in history and escorted out of the White House in disgrace!

Bad enough he is trying to steal the Election in November by removing sorting machines and post office boxes from the streets to prevent mail-in ballots. I hope and pray Nancy Pelosi and Congress will come back and stop his efforts and fund the Post Office for the next two years, so a fair and honest election can be produced, in November of 2020.

Never in American History has a sitting President stooped so low as Trump is doing. he can’t control the Coronavirus, nor can he control the Economy and all else he has tried to do in the last almost four years is trash, not accomplished at all.

We need a President with Morals, Ethics, Caring, and the ability to Listen, to Scientist and Medical experts on the virus. Not a President who disregards all of the correct and vital information!

45 United States Presidents and Trump is the first to be so incompetent and idiotic. He fails at all he touches, Donald J, Trump must go. When you publicly admit your removing sorters and mail boxes so the votes can’t get counted, it’s a desperation move and illegal, period! Congress must act and fund the Postal Service now, and ensure we get a fair election, with all votes counted.

Tonight, The Democratic National Convention will start at 8 pm EST in the United States. Listen carefully, you will hear how bad Trump has performed, you will hear how he wants to risk your children by returning them to school during the pandemic. How his economy was given to him by Obama and then he destroyed it. How the job market is in the pits, how Americans are living on the streets and have no medical insurance coverage if they get sick. How over 170,000 Americans have died in America and Trump is too weak to act or figure out how to save us from the virus or how to fight it, properly. He failed acting when he should have, the medical personnel do not have PPE, folks, they lack masks, gloves, gowns and more and he doesn’t act to help them at all. I remind you, the American Medical Personnel are heros out there risking their lives for you and me and trying to save our lives, he doesn’t care. They do!

Tonight’s Convention by the Democrats is vital for all to listen to. If your a Republican who is on the fence, or an independent, listen closely to Trump’s errors that will be told. Trump has no answers, no meaning to anything he is doing. He is in desperation mode folks, panicking, and talking out the side of his mouth like a damn mafia man in the 1950’s and 60’s. He double talks and lies daily to you and me. You can’t trust someone who has no idea how to help you survive the virus, or who tells you to swallow lysol to kill the virus, he doesn’t even shop this man, nor read warning labels on products. he is so out of touch with reality. President Trump, big warning Labels on disinfectants like Lysol, tell you loud and clear Do Not Swallow, Poisonous to Humans.

As we go on toward the November 3rd Election, America, we must be prepared if necessary to stand in long lines at the polls with masks on and distancing, to vote and make our voices heard. Vote Trump Out America, save your country and your own children and families and jobs will return and so will the economy folks, as soon as a vaccine is created and dispensed. Don’t let Donald Trump force your children back to school, those schools are breeding farms for the coronavirus! These are your children mothers and fathers, protect your own like a Bear would protect their cub from danger. Save your children folks! Do not let them go to school!

Desperation is the state Donald J. Trump is in right now, clutching at everything and anything he can, to try to stay in Office, don’t let it happen America. If he stays in Office and gets re-elected by 2024, America will be communist and handed over to Putin and Russia. Trump is just what Hillary Rodham Clinton said he is, a Putin Puppet!

Don’t let desperation from Trump. let him stay in Office! Vote Biden / Harris and lets reboot America towards greatness and being a world leader again.! Say no to Trump, and his desperation America!

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