I have heard now Trump Supporters screaming,” If Trump is defeated, I will leave America”

The Republican Convention began on Monday evening and it is now two days in and it is a virtual circus of Trump family members praising Donald J. Trump. The few Politicians who come forth to speak during it are either looking to make their own Presidential Run in the future, POmpeo, Haley, or just people kissing Trump’s ass for attention.

There is no platform, no plan for healthcare, no plan for the Economy, no real plan to fight Coronavirus, or to get PPE for HealthCare workers. No plan to save the climate for future generations, nothing concrete. It’s sad coming from an Incumbent President isn’t it?

Desperation shows in the fact all he has is his family speaking for him mostly. Of course you sons and daughters will speak well of you, your their father, you pay their bills and keep them alive. Makes sense to me.

But, you can’t win when your record has over 178,000 coronavirus deaths on it, no jobs, a recession and no health care for anyone and a wall that was never built, that you promised. How can Trump boldly ask to be re-elected as President with no idea why he even wants re-elected? Ask him why he wants four more years you get no answer!

I remind all, Merkel, Trudeau, and numerous world leaders laugh at him publicly. North Korea’s Kim Jung Un made him look like an idiot and got a seat at the big table because Trump is stupid enough to give it to him. And He wants re-elected? Where doe she get the gall and balls to stand before the American People and ask for re-election, when he is responsible, for over 178.000 deaths, because he didn’t react in time and failed. This is not a President folks, this is a Television Game Show Host, posing as a President with no idea what he is doing period.! America is not The Apprentice Folks, it’s a country and a democracy he is destroying! It’s not his Trump Corporation, he can run into bankruptcy anytime he wants, though he seems to be doing it to us each day!.

He lies each day an average of 24 times per day to the American People and The world and he just smiles and keeps going, like he can do what he wishes. Tell Donald John Trump he can’t keep lying to you, tell him he failed, to create health care for you, to bring jobs back, he failed to stop or fight coronavirus correctly, he is responsible for 178,000 deaths, he wants to send your children in schools, and that is nothing more than a breeding ground for coronavirus folks, don’t do it!

Tell him to send Baron to school, and let’s see how he reacts when one of his family members gets the virus! Why is he asking you to roll the dice and send your children back to school, whenhe won’t do it himself?

I have heard now Trump Supporters screaming,” If Trump is defeated, I will leave America”, please do Trumpers Please do, so we can get back to The United States instead of the divided states!

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