Real Life or Virtual/ Don’t allow them to!

Lies, stories and bullshit come from many sources in real life and in Second Life also. As time goes by I have come to realize that it doesn’t matter, if it’s Trump in real life as President or someone in Second life, you can’t buy the bullshit they put out!

Trump opens his mouth he is lying, and he does so boldly and without shame, the man will say anything and do anything to stay in Office as President. I hope and pray he is not re-elected come November 3rd, for if he is, we may as well all learn Russian and learn communism. The President of the United States right now, Trump, is indeed Putin’s Puppet and has been from the day he took office.

Phonies, bullshit artists and con men and cult creators come in all shapes and sizes in real life and virtual life also and in history. Trump is a failed businessman, he is a failure as a politician and a has been television host of the Apprentice a television show. Yet he got elected President because Americans feared a woman becoming President, and secondly he lost the general election to her by over 3 million votes folks, she should be President not him! That’s my opinion of Trump he is a failure folks, Vote Democrat when November 3rd comes around.

Now, virtual life is fun and can be fun until you run into phoney people who are posers, fakes and not what they say they are in that world too. The bad part is many in Second Life the biggest virtual world out there, has many of these types in them, who love to cause drama, lie and play mind games with human beings, on the other side of the monitor of a computer.

Many different sims are in Second Life, they can range from Disney sims to sexual sims. My problem is not the type of sims they are or which platform they are on or how they are rated. My problem is with people who represent themselves as things they are not, you know the fakes, liars, bullshit artists and con men and cult leaders, types. They are the most dangerous people in the world really. proof is in the simple look at history and people like Charles Manson, Jim Jones and other cult leaders. They lure people in, and then slowly brainwash and convince people they have the right way to go!. It’s all fake and a shame folks, Trump falls into this category as does a man in Second Life who people know. He set up a sim and built it pretty, but set it up as a BDSM D/s sim he claims is for Educational Purposes. It’s bullshit just as he is, he talks out the side of his mouth and has no real knowledge of D/s or BDSM. He has no real life experience either.

The desperation that Trump has, trying to get re-elected equals Ratzu Darkstone’s desperation in trying to convince everyone he’s right about all he does. In fact he lies and bullshits and cons too, like Trump. His program, he himself did not create, it was stolen off of Web Sites on the Internet, he just reworded it and claimed it as his is all. Everyone of his so called Assignments can be found on the Internet in BDSM and D/s Websites. The man did not invent a damn thing and he has no real way of implementing any of it. When you question him on any part of it, he bans you from his sim, period and thats sad.

He is a lawyer out of Austin Texas, he is a African American who is single in his seventies, with no real life experience period. As a lawyer he should know what he is doing is against all moral and ethical codes of the Justice System he represents. The State of Texas that issued his License as a Lawyer should investigate him. A seventy year old some odd man, who is single and desperate enough to spend over 300 dollars a month to run a D/s BDSM Sim in a program like Second Life is really a sad thing. You mean to tell me, a grown man doesn’t have a real life, and throws over three hundred dollars a month into an online virtual reality program, just for fun or to educate submissives? Without getting something out of it, thats bullshit! Sadly, this man is allowed to run his little sim as long as Linden Labs lets him, due to his paying them per month. I want a legal authority, like a Judge or Prosecutor to check him out, see how he runs his so called sim and how he brainwashes and controls these submissive women and what exactly he is doing to them mentally and emotionally. No Adult Male, in his seventies, puts out over 300 dollars a month, without getting something in return! Would you?

Yet, no matter what happens, whether i am right or wrong in my opinion, I warn all do not, follow cults, do not Vote for Trump, do not follow individuals in Second Life either. So many cults exist folks, so many people blindly follow these individuals and in the end they pay the price for it themselves in the end, not the ones leading them to disasters. I simply do not understand, who anyone is to tell anyone else whether they are good or bad, or dominate or not, or submissive enough or not or anything else. Trump is not a God, or a Leader, nor are any of these cult leaders.

Be careful out there folks, whether in Real Life or Second Life, for the danger is people are trying to use you, your money and time, for their own purposes, period, Don’t allow them to!

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