Vote Trump out period, Vote Biden/ Harris and lets fix what Trump destroyed.

I watched the Presidential debate last night and it made me ashamed to be an American with this President! Trump acted like a bully, a bigot, and an asshole in one debate and had no answers for a damn thing. Sadly, it was not a debate as many thought it should have been, it turned into a farce, a show of ignorance and an asshole who couldn’t answer any question or act like a man, never mind a President!

Trump Supporters should run for cover today, and they should hang their heads for electing Trump and voting for him in the first place! Hillary Clinton was right in 2015, when she told the world, Trump was a Puppet of Putin, a failed businessman and a draft dodger, all are now proven facts for all the world to see.

Trump’s failures and inability to accomplish anything or produce anything good for the American People and his country showed clearly last night. They are now brilliantly lit for the world to see and the world is laughing at America for being stupid enough to elect such a man, President, in the first place!

He wouldn’t condemn White Supremacy, he had no answers for the Coronavirus or the 200,600 thousands deaths from it, he lied about the vaccine being ready soon, he lied about jobs, the economy, recession and so much more. Everytime he opened his mouth Trump lied, everytime the Moderator asked him a question he didn’t like or expect he went off the deep end and acted like a ten year old in an Elementary School on the playground, acting out in a tantrum, period.

People across the world watched this Debate, trying to figure out who the next American President will be and what Trump gave was a performance of lies, temper tantrums and adolescent behavior and he’s the sitting President, that’s sad, Trump Supporters! How anyone can Vote for him, is beyond me!

I will say this to all Americans, Black, White, Brown, do yourselves a favor come November 3rd, 2020, Vote Trump out period, Vote Biden/ Harris and lets fix what Trump destroyed. Let’s Bring the Real America Back! Vote Biden/ Harris, so we get adults in the White House again who will listen to advice again!

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