Trump-He is like Hillary said, ” A Puppet of Putin”.

America fails, and falls apart under President Donald J, Trump for many reasons. Indecisions, lack of abilities, his lying and inability to act on Coronavirus, now has produced over 200,000 deaths from Covid-19, a economy in recession, racial wars left and right, activists taking to the streets, Black Lives Matter marches and protests. None of the above existed or showed it’s ugly face to America and the world under prior Presidents, Trump promotes anger, divisiveness, racial bigotry, and out right stupidity. He has alienated the poor, the middle class, the lower class, blacks, hispanics and so many more. Sadly, he still has his loyalists who will vote for him again, even if he does shoot someone in the street one day.

There is no reason to vote for Donald J. Trump for a second term folks, but they still will try to keep him in office come November 3rd, I know I have relatives who think he is the cat’s meow of politics for America. I asked many times why, what has he done that makes anyone in the world want to vote for him come November 3rd, 2020?

I get answers that are false in so many ways. He built a great economy is number one. I beg your pardon he rode Obama’s economy is all and now it is a recession heading to a depression in America.

Then I get he built a wall, on the Mexican Border. False folks, he started it, it was disapproved by the Mexicans who refused to pay for it and Congress wouldn’t pay for it either. So, he got work done on 600 miles of it, painted it and hung a sign saying built by President Donald J. Trump. He then tried to steal the funding from the United States Military Budget and failed.

So, with those down and them unable to win in those two arguments, we went on. With more false statements about Trump’s Presidency then any others Presidents I have ever heard. They continue to make excuses for his actions and words and lack of actions.

Now, America has passed 200,000 Coronavirus/ Covid-19 deaths. He knew in January it was airborne, he knew in February, it affects all ages, yet took no action to stop or fight it. He had the chance to prevent 180,000 of the 200,000 deaths that have happened and he failed. Instead we got, it will disappear by Easter, then it will fade in hotter weather, it doesn’t affect children just the elderly. Excuse me but doesn’t matter what condition someone has or their age, it affect them, it makes them sick and kills them period. He did not act, he could have worn a mask, and told Americans to Social Distance and stay home, instead he didn’t and still doesn’t today, does that make sense to you? He has no care about the American People folks, what he cares about is himself, period and getting re-elected. Don’t believe me, watch him continue to hold Open rallies with no masks or social distancing, a sthe virus continues claiming people. Ask Herman Cain’s Family, who attended the Tulsa rally for Trump, got the virus and died. Go ahead!

I tell you what Trump fears more than anything right now. He fears not being re-elected, you want to know why, New York has several criminal charges lined up against Trump, his Organizations, including charges of rape, sexual harassment of women, and more, ready to hit him once he leaves office. He knows he’s guilty of these charges from tax evasion, to sexual harassment, to so much more. He knows he will be prosecuted if he isn’t President, so he is trying to stay in Office as long as humanly possible to avoid it all! If he loses, he will become the First American President to be arrested after leaving office in American History. So, he runs in fear of charges and arrest. Personally I think he would look great in orange coveralls behind bars, with his orange complexion, lol!

My opinion of Trump is simple, he’s worthless, a con man, a cult leader, a liar, and incompetent period. But, this is America and we all have a right to say and speak and write anything we want. Too many sit out there as Trump Loyalist, who will be mad as hell when they read this. To all The Trump Loyalist and Supporters I say this, keep following if you like, but the truth will catch up to you and him shortly. Get as angry as you wish, with what I say or write, matters not your anger, or objection the facts don’t lie.

He failed as President period. North Korea laughs at him, the United Nations laughed at him in his one appearance there. Putin scoffs at him and laughs about him behind his back and controls, Trump like a puppet on strings. Putin is getting left alone and never touched so he is expanding his reach in the world, because Trump lets him, Trump has no guts to stand up to Putin, he needs him if he has any chance at re-election and knows it. He is like Hillary said, ” A Puppet of Putin”.

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