We need Biden/ Harris!

As we move forward and live with the coronavirus threat to humanity as a whole, many don’t like wearing masks, because they are too vain, or feel uncomfortable with them. They also don’t like social distancing it seems six feet apart is too much for them or something like that.

Let me remind all, President Trump and his First Lady Melania have Covid-19 now, They got it at public events outdoors in the Rose Garden more than likely according to all reports of the timing. What were all the victims of the covid-19 virus doing wrong, easy, no social distancing, no masks at all!. Now the number of victims from the virus has grown by at least 9 at the event in question and who knows how many more since Trump traveled to campaign funds raising events to see donors also and on Air Force and Marine One with it.

Everyone in Trump’s White House wants to point a finger at Hope Hicks for it, wrong. Hope Hicks didn’t know she had the virus, until she followed her bosses wants and needs and boarded for the trip he took. Sadly, if all had been wearing masks, they may not be sick today and in danger like they are.

The stubbornness and audacity of The President of The United States who knew he was exposed to the virus to continue and move around, hold meetings and rallies and meet with donors and do a Nomination in The Rose Garden and more is unbelievable. He just went right ahead after he knew he was exposed and exposed so many more, for no reason other than, he wanted to do the events, selfish, childish and idiotic, you ask me.

We now have over 208,000 coronavirus deaths in America and 7,332,285 cases of it as it spreads like wildfire. I know, I don’t want it, my wife doesn’t want it or anyone I know. I don’t believe anyone wants it for it is hurtful, painful and a possible killer if you have it and any medical condition, or are overweight, or have any other viruses or diseases. So, why did the President of The United States take chances as he did and do what he did? Why did he chance spreading the virus to colleagues, friends, donors and more? In my book, like the aids patients who spread aids before it was under control on purpose, Trump did the same with the Coronavirus and is responsible for all the new cases associated with all he did. It’s a crime to knowingly, spread a deadly disease or virus of any kind in America, for personal reasons, professional reasons or for harm to others period. If you knew you had the virus and continued to go to rallies, donor events, events in the Rose Garden and more, tells me, he wasn’t concerned with anyone else but himself and his reelection period. Sad!!!!!!!!!!!!

He failed to set an example as The President of The United States to wear masks and social distance. He is responsible for over 208, 000 deaths so far and over seven million cases, he could have prevented by acting as a leader and example for all Americans and the world by wearing masks and social distancing. But he didn’t do it!

He failed at building a wall, he stole the money from the military to try to do it. He failed to bring jobs back as promised, he failed at Healthcare and producing a program to replace Obamacare which he killed, He failed at Foreign affairs with North Korea and Russia too. He was handed a Economy that was doing well, and now it is in a recession with many out of work and trying to find homes.

Look I pity and feel sorry for him that he got the coronavirus like all Americas and the World do too, but, I definitely will not vote for him in November in less then a month from now. I don’t think anyone should. I hope he survives the virus and all who have it do too.

We need compassion, understanding, caring, leadership, and the ability to get along with both sides in the White House, so we can fight the virus, turn around the economy, and bring America back to its leadership position it had in the world in the past. We Need Biden/ Harris, we need a new way of looking at things, and a positive outlook, we need a direction that will make the world better for all Americans not just the rich. We need Biden/ Harris!

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