Do me a favor America, VOTE TRUMP OUT IN A LANDSLIDE!

In 24 days, America will head to the polls and Vote for it”s next President! As we all know it is a Biden vs Trump race that now shows Trump losing by double digits in every poll in the country. There is a desperation from Donald Trump that is causing him to go haywire and say anything he can to try to get people to vote for him. His lying is what got him where he is now, about to lose in a landslide !

On top of his constant lying to America and the world, Trump’s actions or lack of action regarding the coronavirus now has led to America having the largest number of coronavirus cases and deaths, in the world. As we head toward 214,000 deaths from Covid 19 in America, rises are happening in many states, and Trump has no solution and no policy or no action he has taken to prevent further from happening. He has no Plan for fighting Covid-19 and he is on experimental drugs to survive himself, which no American other than he can get.

This Election on November 3rd, 2020, will be vital to us, as a country/ nation, to remain a Republic and Democracy in America. as Ben Franklin said, when the Declaration of Independence was signed, We have created a Republic, now it will be up to Americans to keep it so, if we sway one way or another we can kill it and become socialist, or communist or totalitarian. If we keep the course and we Vote properly we will remain a Democracy and a Republic, if Trump gets re-elected, America will go down the tubes, just like the Roman Empire did and many other great civilizations before us. Don’t throw away the 243 years of effort, Americans have gone through to be a Republic and Democracy, let’s save it, VOTE TRUMP OUT!

Unlike our current President, I served my nation for sixteen years of my life. I gave sweat, tears and pain to keep my family and my country free, and I paid the price with a simple fall and six herniated discs in my spine. I am proud of my service and I believe all Veterans are proud of theirs also. We served not for ourselves, but to keep America free, to keep our families safe and to make sure America will always be here for future generation, our children, our grandchildren and great grand children and so on.

I served with all colors all nationalities, all backgrounds too. Every color, nationality in America has contributed to our great nation by serving from whites, to blacks, to hispanics and many others. We are all Americans, no matter where we came from, no matter how we came here and we deserve freedom, we deserve Democracy and we deserve being the Republic we are and no one should allow it to be changed. For We the People are the American Dream , We the People are The Republic, We the People are the Democracy, We the People!

Come November 3rd, 2020, by midnight I want to see a Landslide that will run Trump out of Office in January, I want him gone to be forgotten, as the country starts to recover from his term. He has failed from day one and lied to us from day one. He is no great businessman, he is no great leader, unless you want to call him the greatest liar in history!

He failed at so many things and started his term with the lie on his Inauguration Crowd Size, he lied about returning jobs to America from overseas, he attacked everything his predecessor did in Office, and he failed to build his wall, he failed in North Korea, he failed at the United Nations they laughed at him there. He has failed with the Coronavirus and is responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths from it. He knew about it in January of 2020, and told all to keep quiet on it, and lied to us all about it, denying its existence and it’s viral spreading. All the while, American families are losing loved ones, left and right. He is a failure folks and a phoney and a liar and he is dangerous to all in America

Today is October 10th, 2020, Trump is still holding or trying to hold public rallies to get re-elected. He has Coronavirus folks, it’s active in him. They had to get him to Walter Reed Hospital to keep him going and fed him chemical concoctions you will never see as average Americans to survive. Now he wants to hold a Public rally on the White House Lawns and bring thousands in to listen to him speak as he tries to run for re-election again.

Let me say this to those who attend this rally today, if you do, you are taking a chance with your life, the life of your families and the ones you love. As you pack in to listen to him, if you do, remember this, he lies, but worse than lying is, he puts you shoulder to shoulder without masks or social distancing and says listen to me speak, while the virus rages through the crowd around you and to you. He cares not if you get the virus, get sick or even die, if he did he would have done the rally on tv, or virtually, he only wants the attention is all and his one reason is to get re-elected if he can, to avoid the law and , arrest and charges pending against him. For you see, if he is voted out on November 3rd, 2020, when he has to vacate the White and position he will be eligible for prosecution and arrest. His crimes are numerous and he needs to pay for them just like all Americans have to when they commit them too. His fear is of being thrown out in a landslide, embarrassed and charged and arrested too!

I have Voted already in the 2020 Election, using Absentee Ballots. My Wife has too here, we applied, got them based on Covid-19 and filled them out very carefully and made sure we signed them and double enveloped them and signed the inner envelope too. Then I drove to my Town Hall here and dropped them off yesterday. All Americans need to Vote, it’s your right, it’s your responsibility. your civic duty and in the end, it’s up to each of us to have our say in America and how it is run and represented in the World.

Do me a favor America, VOTE TRUMP OUT IN A LANDSLIDE!

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