Trump Must go! This is what Trump fears happening!

I will be 65 years old come january of 2021, and i have witnessed and lived through many Presidential Elections and Presidents, starting with John F. Kennedy to present day Donald J. Trump. never in my life have I ever seen a less caring, no empathy, cold and personal attack on American Democracy and The Republic, then now!

Donald J, Trump came into Office and at his Inauguration, he lied about the size of the crowd and he has been lying to the American people at the rate of about 24 lies per day since!

Sadly, there are still people who back Trump for re-election and I am proud to say I am not one, for sure. Trump has what are called sycophants out there who blindly follow him and protect him from the truth and speak out saying lies about many things, who because Trump says them is all.

So let me give all some facts to consider as you head to the polls and vote, whether it is in person or by mail each and every vote must count,first off, all need to use their right to Vote.

I have seen many Ex-Trumpers speak up admitting they made a major mistake in 2016 voting for Trump. Why did they do it, not because Trump was right or better, but only because they feared Hillary Clinton! They were wrong she was right in all ways, just check the facts, She told you he wasa failed businessman, she told you he is a puppet of Putin! No one listened and feared her is all, so they ran to the polls and Voted Trump! Sad!

Lets talk facts: 1) he did not build his wall on the southern border to mexico or have them pay for it as he stated he would. Mexico told him no, they were not paying for it period So he reached out and stole money from the military to try to build it and the courts caught him and stopped him. Period. So he finished re-painting 600 miles of it and ran down and put a sign on it saying Built by President Donald J. Trump is all.

2) He failed at North Korea, Kim Jung Un got what he wanted the American President coming to him to beg him to stop building nukes. Un got his places at he big table and world wide attention and his missles still being built and Trump got Bunkus! He embarrassed himself and America.

3) Trump is the first American President to speak to the United Nations and get laughed at. Our Allies laughed at him as did Russia and China too. Germany, France Italy all laughed him out of the United Nations.

4) Lets talk the economy now, he was handed an economy that was good and improving daily, he destroyed it using tariffs and manipulated it right into a recession and now on the verge of a depression. He created a Tax Bill for himself and his rich buddies, not the average American Tax Payers. Very sad indeed.

5) Healthcare- he destroyed ObamaCare and is still in court trying to kill it, why because it belongs to OBama and he hates Obama. He promised a Healthcare package for all, nope, not even a mention of one anywhere near or to be seen Failure folks.

6) Coronavirus came to America in either December 2019 or January 2020, Trump knew it by January 2020 and was told it was coming. He did nothing and lied to the American People about it coming, he hid it and allowed it to land here. He knew it was an airborne virus in February 2020, just listen to him in the WoodWard tapes he knew and didn’t react. Today we are heading to One Hundred and Sixteen Thousand deaths from it and growing daily. He won’t wear masks, nor will he tell the American People to either or to social distance. On top of all of that and his failure here he refuses to tell Americans to listen to medical and scientific facts. He denies it all still.

7) He refuses to wear a mask and social distance today after he himself has contacted the coronavirus and spent time in the hospital for it. Less then teo weeks after he is out of the Hospital he is on the road again holding open rallies and with few wearing asks behind him for photo purposes only, the rest have no masks in front of him and are packe din like sardines in a can that now is a super spreader activity. He won’t stop at all, it’s sad and the numbers will grow of deaths. His Minnesota and Tulsa, OK. rallies proves they spread the virus, and go ask Herman Cain’s family if they love Trump now that they lost him to Coronavirus at a Trump rally! Go ahead folks ask, Cain’s family!

8) The sycophants that Trump has created are everywhere, they argue about Coronavirus, they argue over masks and social distancing, over The facts they have no answers for. When you speak to trmp supporters they say he built the wall, when you tell them, he painted 600 miles only and failed they change to his great economy, excuse me we are in a recession, headed to the biggest depression in American History now. Then they try to say he is bringing jobs back, big joke folks. He promised to bring jobs back from overseas he failed and is still failing today.

9) As people die each day from coronavirus this Donald J, Trump continues to hald wide open rallies, not requiring masks or social distancing, ignore our Scientist and Medical experts in all ways. Then the Trumpers, go he survived coronavirus, so it’s no biggie. Excuse me folks, UNcle Sam paid to keep him alive because he is The President only, you will never get the same medicines or treatments like he did. Go try and get told they were experimental and special authorized to keep him alive. You will never see those treatments folks or have the medical services he has.

10) Let me close with this, Donald J. Trump is rude, inconsiderate, has no empathy for anyone, but what he does care about is getting re-elected. Why is it so important to him it’s simple folks, the Prosecutors or New York are waiting for im to leave Office. The man is going to be charged in more then one case in New York for tax evasion, for crimes he committed and more. What Trump fears so much, is being trounced out of office, charged, served and arrested! he will never have enough money to fight the charges he will face.

This is what Trump fears happening!

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