Go Biden/ Harris, trounce Trump and send him home, landslide him!

24 Days from now, America will hold it’s General Election which includes the Presidential Election too. As we close I remind all to Vote, Vote, Vote, in anyway you can legally and make your voice heard. Once the Election is over come the closing of the polls on November 3rd, 2020, if you didn’t Vote, shut up about the results and live with it, for the results will be your own fault if you don’t use your right to Vote.

I pray each day, that Donald Trump is Voted out of Office and has to leave the White House period. The man is a liar, a creep, an ignoramus, and so much worse. He is responsible for over 214,000 coronavirus deaths, because he didn’t act. He lied about fixing North Korea and it’s missile program, the wall on the southern border, he fails at all he touches and he is a danger to Democracy and America as a Republic and a Democracy!

He is working overtime to unbalance the Supreme Court, Take away ObamaCare, with no replacement in place in a damn pandemic, sad. He claims he has a healthcare plan where is it folks, did you ever see one, no!

He calls Veterans who gave their lives, fools and losers and asks what was in it for them? He is an asshole, he didn’t serve he ran and dodged it with letters of bone spurs from a Doctor his daddy paid for. Sad, Coward he is!

He is holding public events, rallies, both him and his Vice President Pence, while the coronavirus rages across the land we live in, passing the virus on to hundreds at a clip. He still won’t wear a mask, neither of them do and of course no social distancing at all!. Sad, so the virus spreads more.

Irresponsible, idiotic, no leadership, and lies, is all you get with Trump and Pence! In the meantime, the countries economy is in the dump, past a recession and heading to a depression. People with no jobs, no income, and out of their homes, on the streets. Then he pays people to attend his little speech on the White House Grounds too, ask ABC News they found the proof! Wow!

As we close in on November 3rd, 2020, and the biggest election in American History in my book, for it will be to save the Republic and Democracy in America, I ask all Americans, Do you Want a Future, Do you want to stay free, Do you like being American and living in a Democracy and Republic with choices you can make? Then, you better wake up!

I voted as did my wife on 10/09/2020, and they are in my town’s ballot box at Town Hall. Go Biden/ Harris, trounce Trump and send him home, landslide him!

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