Vote Biden/ Harris for leadership, Honesty, and Caring with Empathy!

America, The United States, from sea to shining sea, is free, due to our Forefathers who gave all and chanced all to make us so. Our Forefathers of America would have been hung if they were captured and took the risk of that to preserve and defend a nation that was just beginning. They fought back against King George and England and in the end, they won Independence for America and created The United States of America and a Republic as a democracy. with freedoms of speech and religion, and so much more.

On November 3rd, 2020, 11 days from now, America faces a critical Presidential Election and decision of whether to preserve and defend and keep going that Republic and democracy, or lose it to communist persuasions and influences, and head it toward a communist or totalitarian government. If you choose to re-elect President Donald J. Trump you choose to be handed over to communism and to Putin and Russia period. You choose to be a racist nation full of hate and discontent. You choose to follow a President who has allowed over 22,000 Americans die of a virus he could have prevented from doing so by following scientific and medical experts advise. You choose to listen to lies and to follow him blindly, like a sycophant, and that also enables him to go further in what he does if he is re-elected.

We have seen photos and videos of KLu Klux Men in hoods marching on american soil and carrying Nazi flags with swastikas now. We have heard the chants from White Nationalist and seen the murder of innocent blacks and hispanics and whites who oppose this. And yet die-hard Trump Loyalist still press for his re-election, it’s sad.

The Economy is in a recession folks, and headed for a depression because of Trump, jobs are disappearing, Americans are out of work, and on unemployment. People are losing their homes and people are being evicted into the streets from apartments and are now homeless on our streets. People have to stand in food lines to get food for their children and to survive each day. It’s a sad world in America folks.

Trump building his wall between us and Mexico failed folks, Mexico told him no, they won’t pay for it, so Trump tried to take the money to do so from the US Military. Failed the courts told him it was illegal. He failed in foreign affairs left and right too. North Korea now has a seat at the big table and has nukes folks and is testing more, remember Trump said he would stop that one, Kim Jung UN laughed at him. Kim Jung Un got what he wanted to be recognized as a nuclear power and to have a seat at the big table because Trump kowtowed to him and gave in. The United Nation laughed at Trump when he went and gave a speech there, and guess what Trump never returned there either, why, he is embarrassed and humiliated and doesn’t want it to be seen again.

Presidents and other leaders of the world countries like Macron, The German Leader, the English Leader and more stood around and laughed openly at President Trump and his ideas and ways. This is not good and we have now become a second class nation and power on the planet due to Trump’s ineptitude and lack of knowledge and leadership. You still want to believe in a total failure and re-elect such a failure?

I ask all Americans, White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, Answer me one question, since January of 2016, when Trump took Office as President, name one complete accomplishment he has completed? Name one thing he has done for all Americans and made better, instead of worse!

I asked the above of many Trumpers around Connecticut who I ran into, their answers were silly and unrealistic. The first one I always get is, look at the economy he did great with it. Wrong, he never brought back the jobs he promised from overseas and we have been tanked in a recession for months. So forget that one folks, he adopted a decent economy and destroyed it! Second Thing you get is he built the wall between us and Mexico, failure, He did less than 600 miles, painted it and hung a sign saying he built it, the border covers 6,000 miles folks. Secondly what he built the Mexicans already got through, they bought sawalls at the hardware stores and cut right through it all. Sad and a failure.

What kind of President, calls Military dead and Veterans Losers and suckers at their grave sites? It’s unforgivable for an American President to do so!

Do I have to get into his Coronavirus Response or lack there of ,for you to get this? The numbers on the rise currently as we head into the winters cold months. 8,428,842 cases of covid 19, Deaths now at 223, 135. and he still rants and raves it will disappear, and wants to just blame China. Yes China did start the virus pandemic, but, he knew about it in January, knew it was airborne and deadly, and lied to all Americans and told us it would be gone by Easter. It’s not going anywhere folks. and the cases and death tolls rise by over a thousand deaths per day. He could have been honest with America and told us and advised as the Doctors and scientist said, wear masks, social distance by six feet apart, no huge gathering at all. Instead he runs rallies and packs people in to them, maskless and exposed to the virus all around them. More get sick from each of his rallies he holds.

I Voted Already way back on October 10th, 2020 when I got my absentee ballot so did my wife, signed, sealed and submitted. We both Voted Biden/ Harris here and we would never voted Trump/ Pence!.

You want a chance to survive in America and a return to our place in the world order, and to be able to overcome the Virus, Vote Biden/ Harris for leadership, Honesty, and Caring with Empathy!

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